Watch: Wheel of Fortune contestant is utterly confused when he loses big bucks for pronouncing "flamenco" wrong


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and thus lost his $7,100 and trip to Europe.


If I correctly pronounce “flamenco” may I have $7,000? Please? I’ll say it really slowly and clearly.


Yep, not the worse, but English sure is one language with VERY weird spelling. He should have played gow ghoti instead.


This was after he missed another puzzle with just a few letters missing. The guy went on to the bonus round, where he didn’t win a BMW, but left a decent amount of cash.


Gameshow judges these days are pronunciation gangstas.


Flamingo dance lessons would be pretty cool.




While watching this happen last night we ALL agreed he definitely said Flamingo.

Additionally, they have people on the game who isolate sound and listen to answers over and over again to ensure they call it right. Like instant replay for game shows!


WoF is pretty consistent about pronunciation. Good for them to sticking to the rules.


Flamingo dancing usually involves standing on one leg with the other one tucked under.


I think that flamengo dancing is something different


Words are not my first language.


Yeah, the completely arbitrary, artificial rules that do not actually apply in most real situations (like you must pronounce the final nasal of a word ending in -ing as a velar rather than alveolar nasal, despite the fact that almost everyone who speaks American English, when they speak it quickly, pronounce it as an alveolar nasal)



Sorry! I’m the worse!



/saw it too late, am at work and had no break.
Cone of shame =P


Not the first time this has happened in Wheel of Fortune, sucks but it is what it is.


Oh god that look on his face. “Have I gone mad? I was quite sure sure flamingo is the art form that encompasses the tanco, rumpa, and fandanco palos.”


I didn’t know it was even possible to lose the round after all the letters had been revealed.