Watch woman limbo under car!


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I’m not sure what to make of the fact that one can reach hieght of limbo performance clocking in only a self reported 8766 hours. Can someone who has read Malcolm Gladwell’s book help me grasp how to view this?


I limboed under a pickup truck once but you don’t see me bragging about it.

Seriously though—that’s some Hermes Conrad level skillz there.


Steven Wright had a friend who practiced limbo until he could go under a carpet.


She will be a candidate for knee replacement, by, when, age 25?


If I owned a garage I would hire her so fast!


That’s, like, 40 bucks in savings right there.


She needs a Jiffy Lube sponsorship.


I think its close enough to the 10,000 hours that Gladwell talks about.

I’ve always wondered why its called limbo, is it what you do before going into purgatory?


I came here to post Hermes, Hermes had already slid under the cooker. Thank you for beating me to it by like 18 hours.


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