Watch woman shove a bear off her fence to protect her dogs

It seems that Wildlife conservationist Imogege Cancellare was commenting on the woman’s actions without having seen the video of the woman’s actions. When the woman shoved the bear it was then on the far side of the wall. The bear couldn’t maul her through the wall. The woman was gone with her dogs before the bear could return. Or perhaps Wildlife conservationist Imogege Cancellare just does not understand how walls work.

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Ya, I think it’s OK to say this woman handled the situation well; the outcome testifies to that. There is an understandable reluctance to say “use this as a template for future behaviour when encountering bears” but I think people should just acknowledge the woman’s bravery and not criticize her . I don’t think the bear will choose that route in the future
EDIT: further note, the seventeen year old in the video, Hailey Morinico herself stated “Don’t do what I did — you might not have the same outcome.” She was gardening outside with her mother when this all went down. One of these dogs is described as a service dog for her mother, so perhaps there are mobility issues that precluded a rapid retreat

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Goat flipping, cow tipping, bear shoving - where will it end?


Bears seem to be impressed by batsh*t behaviour . One of my friends told me there was a bear treed in Kamloops by a housecat a couple days ago…my boyhood dog, a beagle, regularly chased bears away. The bear doesn’t have the luxury of someone to dress wounds for them, so I think they are wary of hurting themselves for no good reason. And, they don’t have to explain to the other bears why they chickened out because they are mostly solitary.


Dogs? If you want the job done right, send in a house cat. She’ll have that bear out of your yard tout suite.

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Wait. Goat flipping?

Yes, goat flipping.


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mmmm… was there honey and porridge involved?

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