Watch: Woman whoops would-be purse snatcher's ass

Hmm. So Silat maybe, instead of Muay Thai?

It was either that, or the way he played tug of war with her the same way you do with a toddler to give the appearance of trying without actually pulling it out of her hands. Or perhaps the way the glancing blow from her knee against his arm appear to have nearly killed him and caused him to thrown himself on the ground.

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Everybody was kung-fu fighting?


Those kicks were fast as lightning.


Turns out the actual word there is “chicks”!


Staged as part of a Malaysian crime-prevention campaign.


I created an account just to say how incredibly staged this fight is…so I guess you win this one, boing boing.


I am genuinely surprised that the gate opens towards the outside. It’s clearly obstructing the sidewalk, what if someone was walking or running there?


Welcome to Boing Boing comrade; hope you aren’t disappointed! :wink:


Someone’s reaching way back into the internet archives for this one.

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I’ll accept it was staged, but what I don’t understand is her explanation for how it went down. Did they not do any rehearsal at all, and told the kids to wing it?

I have a memory of my sister calling from Switzerland one day, tears in her voice. She was traveling/exploring/semi-backpacking, perhaps on the tail end of studying abroad. After she calmed down, it turned out she was at some relatively quiet near deserted train station and didn’t expect somebody to try to mug her. They got her bag, and she held on and kept swinging her camera on that silly short strap, bashing it into their head until they fled bleeding. She was so sorry she destroyed the nicest camera, a simple point and shoot, she ever owned. My parents were never prouder. They couldn’t afford a nice camera, but I think they sent her one overnight, and I am quite sure the shipping was more expensive than the camera.

No personal object is worth one’s life. But I get the reaction and I look up to her for that reaction, and winning against that doaty dobber. I really hope I have this memory right.


That was my immediate reaction to it. There’s no way. Wonder who staged it and what for.

Well, if this is faked, I was totally taken in. This is the first video in a very long time that earned an involuntary fist pump and a “YEAH!” from me. I think it was about the time she did the first diving high-fisted punch behind the BBQ.

Of course, I also went through a period where I thought pro-wresting was non-scripted, too.

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However, may God bless you and keep you for spelling lightning correctly. I had given up hope on the Internet.

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That is easily explained. If they had tried to take the purse (again), she would have attacked him (again). She had established dominance.

In somewhat Hyperbole and a Half fashion, I just assume that “lightening” is a reference to the speed with which creamer changes the color of coffee. Not that fast, but fast enough.

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then I imagine you would hear a loud metallic BWANNNG!!! as they made impact

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