Watch: Woman whoops would-be purse snatcher's ass


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This is staged. Unbelievably fake.


Haha, player 2 exits minus one shoe!


Something seems fishy about this. Guy happens to fall right behind the grill so we can’t see her actually hitting him, plus the way she’s swinging her arm looks incredibly kayfabe. Then they take off without grabbing the purse which is sitting right there in front of them.


Was wondering where this was. But that knee strike action? Gotta be Thailand.


Agreed. Staged.


Come on guys. If we can’t believe in internet fight videos, what’s left?


Indeed. Muay Thai would be a good bet.


Not sure if this particular one is fake, but you can see hundreds of ambush videos over on YouTube, so generally, I think it’s “A Thing”.


This is completely staged. Badly. The attacker approaches the woman very timidly, makes sure she is on cue and lets her open with the attack. The way the two end up behind an obstruction and then showing her wild WWE moves… that’s just not how a real defense strikes someone. This is cartoonishly animated and staged.


Also, driving on the left.


Yeah but the BB post still got you to watch, and comment. kaching!


Pretty sure i’ve seen this before but it never gets old.


Too bad he was wearing a helmet! I sure hope Player 1 didn’t hurt her hand crushing his windpipe. Looked to me like Player 3 was rushing in to help out with a quick tracheotomy but Player 2 made his saving roll and escaped with but a single hit point to his character class of Thief (level 1). I’m hoping Player 2 stashed his loot in that shoe! Let’s see what our lady ms NinjaBadAss rolls for that and…


whups, not whoops…!



Something’s missing… hmmm… ah!


Came here for this, mildly ‘disappointed’ no one posted it yet:


Those look like Malaysian plates on the car to me. Definetly not Thai.


What gave it away? The WWE moves where she jumps up in the air before raining blows down on a guy wearing a motorcycle helmet and protective clothing with bare hands?