We don't need to mourn Mr. Peanut because we still have Mr. Tayto Man

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Mmmm, Tayto. I have a hankering for some cheese and onion crisps now.


It is Mr. Tayto. There’s no “man” in the name.
He got caught up in a bit on controversy recently though https://www.irishpost.com/news/tayto-slammed-moronic-twitter-tribute-gay-byrne-featuring-sad-mr-tayto-173479

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I’m’ embarrassed to admit it but he is the face of Ireland’s, ahem, answer to Disneyland (or world or whatever) Tayto park… http://www.taytopark.ie/

I’ve never been (and yes, I have children) so I can’t dump on it.

And I don’t know if there was so much controversy about Sad Mr Tayto so much as a gleeful pile on for memes. That’s what I saw anyway. But then I thought Gay Byrne was a tosser anyway.

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I had no idea Gaybo was dead. Thought he would last forever.

Didn’t Mr Peanut turn out to still be alive, because the company decided that their cannibalistic slaver peanut was still worth keeping?

Aye. Unsurprising that Tayto are the best Cheese and Onion crisps since they invented them in the first place and were indeed the first to produce flavoured crisps of any sort.

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