"We have a bear inside of our house right now."


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And the bear is like “Wow! this human cave is alright, bruh.”


Look, there are bears in peoples houses, okay? And that’s with Obama. When I’m there, I’ll take care of the bears. I, alone, can handle the bears breaking into houses. My bears-in-houses plan is terrific.


I saw the headline and hoped (HOPED!) that you were finally able to open The Safe.

I am disappointed now.




I wonder where this happened? I imagine and hope everyone is okay because it just poked around for awhile, tore up the pantry, and then left.



Exit, pursued by a bear.


Up the stairs
Go the bears
Bump, bump, bump!

Up the stairs
Go the bears
Bump, bump, bump!

(My MiL used to sing that to my kid to fuel his nigh - er - dreams.)


Happy ending, so OK.

On the other hand … a bear got into our patrol building a few summers back and did some amazing damage trying to get back out again after the door blew closed. Windowsills, doors, walls – those claws are good at ripping up wood. Not to mention softer substances.


Hmmm… should I go with:

Paddington really went down hill after his Marmalade addiction took over his life. Now he was found roaming the streets naked, breaking into homes looking for a bump of the sweet orange stuff, or something of value he could pawn.


Where is Danial Boone when you need him?

Meh, why not both?


The “inside of our house” is the “interior of our house”. You have a bear inside your house. You have a bear within your house. It’s an emergency? Good grammar makes the sentence shorter and clearer.

Drop that unnecessary ‘of’, or the Grammar Bears will be back. Bigger ones. Hungrier ones. You have been warned.

PS: :slight_smile: can’t flame me 'coz I put a smiley so there.


They’re not sending us their best bears. I’ll build a wall, and I’ll make the bears pay for it.


The bear is calling from inside the house!


We’re not going on a bear hunt again!


Bravo! Well done.


Softer substances?

Like… peanut butter?


And . . . people meat!


I love the part where he closes the door and acts relieved. No way a bear could get through this!


He ate the porridge, now time for bed.