"We have psycograms of all adult US citizens - 220 million people"

Meh. People are unpredictable, at a fundamental particle level, imo.

Figure that unpredictability at a particle level, if you can, but you can’t, fundamentally.

I have a fundamental principle for you: America was founded by immigrants supplanting native peoples, so there is no here first anyone can claim but Standing Rock. I stand with Rock.

That is all people; check yer geographical sociohistorical context, yo.

You’re an immigrant to America, so start acting like one: afraid? Eff that. Fear fear only, stand up for what’s right for people, and we will weather this together, for we are same here.

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I have. I use it all the time. It’s a search engine, not a social network.

Every once in a while, I’ll google random strings of words just to see what pops up:

transparent botulism ford regressive
tortellini rampage testicle spangled
marginalized rhododendron mandible key

Also, when I discovered that one of my previous employers was using keylogging software on the office computers, I began dedicating an hour every couple weeks to searching things like:

OSHA violation 800 number
"what should I do if my boss asks me to do something illegal?"
reporting workplace safety problems

I figured that if I were ever fired, I could subpoena my browser history and probably get a much better “severance package”. I mean, they willingly gave up their plausible deniability…


Upped my efficiency by an order of magnitude, that. If it ever goes away, I’ll clearly need a third-party app or greasemonkey script to stand in. <a href=https://duckduckgo.com/bang?q=who>They take suggestions, too–I’ve submitted two and had both accepted (!cgp and !worldcat).

Modern advertising didn’t beat nation-states to understanding the panopticon but it surely has accepted and promoted it. And it’s used in so many shady, shitty ways already–just consider the flood of shitmail poor people get from lawyers, tax/IRS frauds, medical schemes and the like because their name has been sold or some part of their private financial life was made public (by required public notice or whatever). Big Databases has most assuredly been screwing us/them for a long time, so now that Big Data will continue that trend for the monied and the political, I guess we’ll just try to get strong privacy legislation in place and use good infosec practices to protect our informatiohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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