Wear a giant papier-mache head and eliminate your social anxiety



Works for me on this board.
Metaphorical papier-mache, that is.

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I don’t know, Davey…


Sadly this film isn’t really about Frank Sidebottom. I’d be much more interested if it was (although I appreciate the producers probably wanted to make money). I get the impression it’s more about Captain Beefheart than anyone.

Anyway, I’m dubious about Ronson. The Men Who Stare at Goats was a dreadfully boring film given the premise. Maybe the book was better?


The book was kind of fun, if you like woo.


I find that really disappointing.


Also, the fact that the head is almost, but not quite, right is really jarring. Uncanny valley.

This is perfectly normal:

Whereas this is just weird:

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Yeah, it does look like they’ve tried to make it look more alienating.

I’m no expert on either Sidebottom or this new film, but am I right in my feeling that Chris Sievey was basically a (somewhat eccentric granted) comedian while the movie presents him as more of a maladjusted weirdo?

I’m not from the north west and probably too young (a refreshing change) so most of what I remember of Sidebottom is his appearances on children’s TV :smile:

For what I’ve read, all that’s really taken from Sidebottom in this film is the idea of a musician who wears a papier mâché mask - and as I mentioned above, the person I’ve heard suggested as the major influence for the character is Captain Beefheart - who I know nothing about, but I did try Trout Mask Replica after hearing this, so that was an…experience I wouldn’t have had otherwise. But yes, Sievey was definitely a comedian, and I don’t think this Frank is.

That said, Kermode (and most other reviewers I’ve seen) did seem to like the film, so it might be worth checking out.

Eh, what does Ronson know about the real Sidebottom, anyway? Other than having been in his band…

Do The Dumb Things You Gotta Do. Touch The Puppet Head

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I kinda liked The Men Who Stare at Goats (the film), though I haven’t read the book. However, The Psychopath Test is an excellent read and what I’ve seen of Ronson he seems an interesting and likeable person. I keep meaning to read more of his work so maybe I’ll start here.

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