Weatherman fails in attempt to mask crude gesture

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If it’s the BBC, shouldn’t he have used two fingers?


I love the concept of a sterile cockpit that pilots are expected to observe during takeoff and landing. It should apply to any circumstances when people are “on”, when the short term focus needs to be intense. And there’s a nice contrast when the consensus judgement is that everyone can relax a bit.

It’s the show producer whose picture we should be laughing at, his talent clearly isn’t taking good the job seriously enough.

Did he lose his job?

IIRC he lost it over something else and got it back again. This is a pretty old video, even though it never gets old.


no way, I used to work with this guy Phil Connors who did that kind of stuff all the time and he still went on to get a pretty lucrative gig with the home shopping network.

Phil, Phil Connors?


His reaction is amazing. The shift from “heh heh fuck you” to “oh god no” is so instantaneous I think it was completely handled by his spinal cord.


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