Wedding was a flop


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Don’t lock your knees.

If you feel woozy, there is no ceremony so solemn it’s worth taking a face plant for.

It will disrupt the ceremony less if you sit down than if you pass out.

I hope they are uninjured.


I get emotional at wedding too.


I love how pissed off the bride is :stuck_out_tongue:


WalterWhiteBeans • 8h
Oh no…

Also, are you ok? And would you be willing to explain how you managed to face smash?

nearlearl • 8h
Pastor said he was going to give a ‘quick’ 20 minute sermon that became 40+ minutes. I had a terrible breakfast and next to no sleep, I locked my knees and shortly after woke up on the floor.

I broke my nose, dislodged my front teeth, and messed up my jaw pretty bad.



Curiously, the first video I’ve seen improved by vertical framing…


I was at a wedding which was held in the evening where the bridal party “sipped” wine throughout the day. One bridesmaid passed out and another almost passed out during the ceremony.

Also, the father of the bride in his toast flat out stated he hoped his daughter got pregnant on the honeymoon. It was one of the more memorable weddings I’ve been to.


Fainting at weddings is a whole genre on youtube.

Why do people insist on making their bridesmaids and groomsmen stand for the duration of the ceremony? We had our wedding party walk down the aisle and take seats in the front row. And if I had it to do over again, we wouldn’t have had bridesmaids or groomsmen at all. It’s a stupid tradition to pick and choose which of your friends are worthy and which aren’t, then to make the most worthy friends spend a bunch of money on clothes they don’t want (and might not feel comfortable in), and have them stand uncomfortably for an extended period of time, just so that you can have a couple of photos in your wedding album that look a certain way.


This reminds me of my high school graduation. It was done in a hot gym and during the boring speech phase, someone passed out. I have always thought that there should be a boring speech contest and having people pass out would be part of the judging criteria.


American weddings are one of the most stupid, mind screwing, and wasteful events that we put ourselves through. I have more respect for people who get married at court.




I have noticed a trend: First wedding is in your 20’s and big and stupid and expensive. Second one is in your 30’s, on a shoestring budget, and more focused around everyone having fun. (Seems like more likely to last as well…)


Obligatory Gogol Bordello link…


So, yeah, about this…

Why does a wedding need to be solemn and decorous?

Why not raucous and debauched?

Inquiring minds wish to know :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks like a job for Bridechillah.


(Video cued to relevant bit.)



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