Disaster strikes but bride doesn't care

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Now that’s the kind of partner you need to make it through life. Never underestimate the power of positive.


A great story for the grandkids, including a trooper selfie!


“Nothing has bothered her. We’re like, ‘Casey, the bus is broken down.’ She’s like, ‘Fine.’ Then we’re like, ‘There’s no power’ and she’s like, ‘Fine. I’m still getting married,’”

Damn right! Focus on what’s important.


It’s all fun and games until the honeymoon gets interrupted…


She’s the opposite of Bridezilla.



My wife didn’t really want to spend much on wedding but for flowers and, of course, when her bouquet showed up – it was wrong in every way a bouquet can be except for quality. It was perfectly fine, it was just utterly wrong: size, make up, holder, etc.

I didn’t even know it was wrong until four days into our honeymoon. She just shrugged and went with it. Sure, occasionally, in little stuff we can annoy one another with worrying about stuff asymmetrically, but on the big stuff, this was a good omen. We’ve dealt with a number of big family things with grace.

I don’t know what celebrity made this point, but his suggestion was when you think you are serious about someone, go on a trip to some place difficult to get into and out of and pretty much deal with – Burma or Central Asia or Nepal something – and if you can deal with one another through that and not lose your shit, you are in pretty good company.


That’s my dear wife all the way. Thanks for sharing.


Stuff like that isn’t “disaster”. Stuff like that is “minor inconvenience”.

Nice to see that there are still people who can handle life.


Or it’s the big guy sending you a message, if you believe in that sort of thing.



I’m guessing there are people out there who believe that marriage itself is a disaster waiting to happen.

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Good stuff is less likely to make the news than the other stuff. Bet there are great things ‘hat-nin’ left and right.


Xanax is a hellova drug.

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That seems a bit extreme, but I’d be all for staging a serious of “disasters” to see how one’s intended reacts. I dated some women who would have thrown a fit, but my wife now would be chill.

True and its always nice to read about them. This post was a good way to start my morning.

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So…going to Nepal = a bit extreme

but ‘staging’ a ‘series’ (a serious series?) of ‘disasters’ = recommended?

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Well, fake disasters. Like pretending to forget one’s wallet, or a faking a flat tire, or something.

I took a couple friends to the Peruvian Amazon, once. About half way through our trip down river, my one friend started making inquiries about chartering a helicopter out. He told me they were all booked up by the oil companies, and I just laughed! He had no choice but to endure the next part of the journey: the “boat from hell.”

I mean, damn, that shit was fun. But yeah, even just with close friends, pretty trying.

(Oh yeah, and as soon as he got back to the US he found out he had rare parasitic organisms crawling around inside his body. Good times!)

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I think any couple that couldn’t push through these minor inconveniences doesn’t deserve to be married. The ones I would expect to freak out are the parents.