Week two for the largest prison strike in US history


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All I know and need to know is that either you’re an abolitionist you’re not. Things are nicer when you end slavery. I promise.


Thanks for continuing the coverage.


When this happens in China they just massacre the protestors. Here in the U.S. the First Amendment protects their freedom to make their case, until January 20. Then, all bets are off.


Most of those Constitutional freedoms go away once the handcuffs go on. That’s why prisoners aren’t allowed to keep guns in their cells.


Or to vote ever again, once they are released.

Also, obligatory:


That’s a very good point. I was sort of thinking about after parole, but I didn’t bother typing it. Running low on e’s.


I don’t know - If this was really happening, I’d have seen it in the mainstream media.

There’s no way they’d cover some self-centered asshole’s tweet instead of this colossal story of injustice and courage!


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