Weekend Tunes: Oysterband--Here Comes the Flood

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Came here for…

Drink up, dreamers, you’re running dry.

Such a nice version and only 4000 views.


I saw PG in either 86 or 87. He played the first verse of Here Comes the Flood solo, with the stage and venue lights off. When he reached the first chorus, the band came in and the lights, which were on these tall, motorized gantries and had swung down behind him, suddenly blazed on, putting the piano in silhouette. Through the second half of the song, the lighting ebbed and flowed and bobbed like water in a storm. It was stark and simple and gorgeously done; a really memorable moment from a great show. Thanks for the video.


Aw, Chopper’s there! But I think Lee had left by that time? I’m trying to remember if we saw any shows in the UK on that tour, or only in Canada. Love the Oysters, I think my partner has seen them upwards of sixty times! Another great song off this album is “Bury Me Standing” - gave that one a run with a band the other day.

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