Weekly roast of garbage product design

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Tried to but could not find one positive thing to say about it.

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I’m definitely curious to see what it’s like to ride that strangely penile motorcycle.

The chess set reminds me of someone selling “instant water-- just add water.”


I don’t understand the benefit of shortening the wheelbase when braking. Seems to me that would have the effect of raising the center of gravity, leading to what motorcyclists affectionately call an “endo”:


The chess board looks like a good idea for backpackers.

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I still think you’d spend more time finding rocks of the right size and shape than actually playing, overall.


Well, it’s an attention-grabbing chess set, at least. I can imagine getting some entertainment out of substituting arbitrary things for the rocks, like hors d’oeuvres.

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perhaps, but some simple magnetic pieces that zip up into a flat case might fit in my backpack better.


OK, so the rocking sofa doesn’t even mention the fun of trying to enjoy your hot coffee on it.

And, obviously, the air freshener is just the Demon Exploder from The Good Place.


If the rings on the chess pieces were sufficiently large/stretchy one could play erotic chess with 32 male friends plus 1 opponent.

Chess in the park would never be the same.



No bigee… but I picked up these mag-clips a while back from my local pharmacy. The magnets were so weak, that neither one could take the weight of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper; slid right off and onto the floor. Then the magnets popped off. We now use them to close potato chip bags and such. The best mag-clips we do have were given to us by vendors we’ve dealt with; I’m talking neodymium.


oh this is not a @boingboingshop post then


Just the other side of the thin green line.

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“As you can see, this chair has many useful configurations.”

It’s pretty but useless. And so is the chair.

This “smartphone addiction solution” storage object is electromagnetically-shielded, so any phone you place inside cannot receive a signal.

They’re on the right track though. If I wanted to do this for real, I would design something very similar, only once you close the lid it delivers an EMP to the smartphone, permanently bricking it.

“We couldn’t figure out how to attach a windshield, but one of our engineers came up with a clever workaround.”

It’s a windshield that you wear on your face, so it’s always steaming up. Oh, and because it doesn’t have windshield wipers or anything to clear away the moisture, if there’s any humidity whatsoever in the air, this thing will get drenched.

I guarantee this “globe wheel” concept car was designed by someone who never had to clean out the little rubber sphere in an old-school computer mouse.

I told one of the younger guys at work that computer mouses used to have trackballs. He looked at me like I was crazy.

I’d imagine it would burn your junk off.

A rocking sofa isn’t such a bad idea… wait, it rocks side to side? What the actual fuck?


I quite like the tube motorcycle.

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Would you say its…tubular.

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This, from a few weeks ago, is pretty darn neat. This is something I’d love to have in my home.

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That rug really tied the room together


First, find a whole mess of similar-sized rocks. You know–like that Mr. Potato Head kit Santa brought you one year. Mom only had a couple of potatoes left, and they were for dinner, so you had to make do with a half-rotted zucchini and a brown banana. Later, therapy helped you come to terms with yourself, but to this day, you will only buy frozen or canned vegetables, already cut up in small chunks.