Weird gremlin photographed in China




Why I believe that is the long lost Sir William of Ockham prancing about in his all together and that silly mask again.


It’s a promotion for Guild Wars 2 in China. Sorry.


Oh, so that’s where Donald’s been.


He’s looking for the Pwesssshussss!


Hommonculus Paredolius.


Nice paid placement BB


That is obviously not a gremlin – it’s a sheared sheeple.


“What is this mysterious beast photoSHOPPed by a tourist in the Huairou District valleys in northern Beiking, China?”

Fixed that for you.


Except that it wasn’t photoshopped, it was an actor or model in costume taking a pit stop, only to realise somebody had mistaken him for a strange creature while he was peeing. See SeppTB’s link above.




Dobby’s got to wash that sock somewhere!


Filthy little hobbitses.




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