Weird looping movie with a room full of people oblivious to each other

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Thanks for sharing this. This is a brilliant use of space. I’d love to see a “behind the scenes” on how Rybczyński constructed the timing and patterns.


If such a thing as the Director’s Cut of Myst existed, I’d expect to find this on the disc. :wink:


I love it! Very off-kilter and interesting. I am amazed that it won an Oscar, given how unusual and interesting it is, actually!

Reminds me of one my favorite Michel Gondry videos, of course.


I think this is the inspiration for an ad campaign by the UK appliance brand Ariston (which more famously purloined a chiptune track from the 8-bit conversions of Robocop)


“…and two hard-boiled eggs.”


I used to have this on a VHS tape that I recorded off Channel 4; along with the follow…

Rewatching the chain reaction film, I’m surprised at how many cuts are visible in it.

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That is really great compositing, a decade+ before AfterEffects, while ILM was still using their giant film compositing printer.


It’s pretty rare that I’ve seen a Popkin video already but this one I had. Here’s another video it inspired (though I prefer Tango and Come Into My World).


The sound effects were as fascinating as the visuals!

Drew Carey did some offbeat stuff. I loved that show.

A fifteen-minute epic by Rybczyński, which features more looping… sort of. Part of his film The Orchestra

A master technician and serious artist. Rybczyński was a rare breed.
A favotite from him was the music video for The Art of Noise : Close (to the edit)


I had no idea it was the same director. Thank you for pointing this out!

I saw this at a film festival in the late 80s or early 90s. While the original was a bit visually janky (probably due to the techniques used), it’s a shame this scan is significantly lower quality.

Huh. This is clearly the inspiration for Belle and Sebastian’s video for “Perfect Couples” which is one of my favorite music videos, but I did was unaware of the film that inspired it.

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This video is a perfect analogy as to why Myspace failed.


“…people oblivious to each other.”

Same could be said for work commutes…

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I first saw this film in 1985. I was working in the Brill Building and Zbigniew Rybczyński’s production company had an office on the same floor, as did “The St. Nicholas Music Company”. Rybczyński’s producer came over to use our VCRs to make copies of this film.


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