Weird Unnecessary Conspiracies

Continuing the discussion from 9/11 Truthers still not done:

Why does anyone care about that? This has always been strange to me, almost a conspiracy theory in its own right. The Saudis of interest all died, except for one particular Saudi, who was willingly denounced by the Saudi government and was nowhere near Saudi Arabia. Yes, the proselytizing of the particular brand of Islam preferred in SA is somewhat responsible for the existence of Al-Qaeda and their ideology, but there is no evidence of direct links.

I’m not a big defender of the KSA and its ruling elite, but when it comes to 9/11, they seem to be completely blameless. If you think there was a clusterfuck in the inexplicable invasion of Iraq, consider the reality of an equally inexplicable invasion the KSA. I mean, is that the argument? That we should have invaded Saudi Arabia instead? If not, what is the argument? What should have been done differently? Why? It’s not like they were hiding UBL.

This cuts to the heart of something else which always bothers me about conspiracy theories: Unnecessary moving parts. I’ve had fewer extra parts left over after setting up Ikea furniture. Why, why, whywhywhywhywhyWHYYYY did the WTC have to be blown up in a controlled demolition? What purpose could that have served? How was even more massive destruction somehow unfavorable? What kind of idiot conspiracists go, “Oh, we want to cause thousands of deaths in an event which indiscriminately kills people, but not too many people?”

Never mind the fact that controlled demolitions require extensive work in the building and massive holes drilled every few feet.


I think it’s noticeable - Al-Qaeda was founded by mostly Saudi and Yemeni (afaik) citizens but was most strong and common in Afghanistan and Sudan. I would expect more diversity, also because the terrorists were recruited world-wide. It’s curious (or simply a fault of my brain’s pattern recognition module).

Source affinity is how I explain it. Realistically, AQ operatives would have to be fluent in Arabic and if it starts out populated with Saudis, then most channels for recruitment end up being Saudis bringing in their friends who bring in their friends etc.

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Okay, the friends of friends argument is one I can agree too - not that I ever founded a conspirative terror cell :wink:

As I’m not a attentive follower of 9/11 research results: Is it known how and when the hijackers met and learnt to trust each other?

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