Werner Herzog blurbs a salt packet

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I’m imagining him eventually having a heart attack during an interview due to his overenjoyment of this salt and shrugging off suggestions of medical treatment with “it is not significant”.


I’m doubtful of any food endorsement from Werner Herzog.


Even organic salt is not organic. Ionic salts are, by definition, inorganic.


There’s a great story about Angelo here, from the Kitchen Sisters podcast.

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I was just listening to this yesterday and thinking I SHOULD FIND THEIR WEBSITE to read more about this.

It looks like this story was updated here as that one was the original from a decade ago!

Then again, I have no idea how these podcasts work…if they are just relicensing old material and providing new voice overs or what…

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Oh FFS. Welcome to language, where words can have different meanings.


And Salt wouldn’t even be eligible for the USDA organic label.


This is a seasoned salt. The “organic” part is the herbs used to flavor it.


Hey, you’ve got a blurb on your smock!

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Herzog is a treasure. I wonder if he’s had bear seasoned with this salt?

I’m very dubious on the salt -> CVD hypothesis, ditto the cholesterol hypothesis, but then I am a LCHF nerd. We do eat far too much sugar, although starch is just as problematic, especially given the types of grot that the (increasingly) poor can afford. Future generations will look back at the mass-subsidization of corn, wheat, rice and potatoes as a profound if ignorant wrong, sort of how we now consider prior generations’ public sanitation or lead and asbestos use (although the latter two involved far less ignorance, to be fair).

I still love deep-fried carby evil from time to time but I do consider it thus, ditto our hypersugary frankenfruits. The more I learn about diseases of affluence (the “western diseases”) the more convinced I am that an excess of carbohydrates and a relative lack of decent saturated fats is the root of the issue. I also think our hateful culture of disparaging the pathologically obese as lazy idlers is even more harmful because it attacks people for things over which they no control (the average person having no say in the price of staple foods).

I know a depressing number of people who work like absolute dogs in physically-demanding occupations and still have telltale abdominal obesity (“beer gut”) which portends (via increased insulin resistance and attendant chronic inflammation throughout the body) not only all sorts of CVD but also full-blown diabetes, a wide gamut of cancers, Alzheimer’s, asthma, etc.

Add to this the outright evil of withholding natural satfats from babies due to the stigmatization of breastfeeding and we have a food culture which stunts and disadvantages us from the very offset (to say nothing of how mothers’ diets affect gestation). See also the affects withholding breastfeeding. LSS: your jaws move further back in your skull than they ought to be causing restriction of the airway and thus poor sleep and thus behavioral problems in youths (n.b. ADD misdiagnoses), among other things.

/me fumes
/me apologizes for tangential windbaggery


But other spices can be organic.


Burying the lede here. Tilth. Say it. Tilth.


Not being a farmer, I can’t say for certain, but I’m betting that “Tilth” is a bedrock concept in organic agriculture.

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Better than his last review:


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