WestJet Airlines says no to drugs as Canada prepares to decriminalize cannabis


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That’s totally bogus, Man.


Good luck finding employees.


I would be one of the other driving reasons behind the ban is we have no good way to determine how long it’s been since someone took a hit. Unlike alcohol which has well understood metabolism mechanics and measurement techniques cannabis is a completely open frontier. I’m hoping that with legalization we can finally get some good quality studies going on these sorts of things (as well as all the many other things that haven’t been researched about it) and maybe in a decade there will be a scientific backing for a more relaxed approach.


I have to disagree with some part of Seam’s take on this. Twelve hours after a binge drink fest is good enough to get to ‘safe’ levels? There is a thing known as a hangover, which can last hours or even days.

Alcohol is a dangerous, deadly drug whose effects are very well documented. Hiding behind the “oh, we just don’t know” argument to continue the complete prohibition of cannabis in the private section is bogus. Though there aren’t many fully documented, scientific studies about the effects of cannabis on the body and its lingering effects, the amount of experience we have collectively, even if only anecdotal (and firsthand), is plenty enough to risk a bit of 24 hour-old THC stored in the bodies layers of fat.

If anything, I’d rather have transportation industries have a zero tolerance policy on booze rather than pot. The way things are now, we’re a bit bass-ackwards.


I’d rather accept some small level of risk in my life and let people enjoy themselves.


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