We've reached peak avocado toast with this chocolate bar


Considering avocados once removed from the skin and mashed turn brown within hours, how do they keep them from going through accelerated decay in the chocolate bar?


Yep, and it works really well, especially with a nice oily variety of avocado like a Bacon. Avocados are also the featured ingredient in some South Asian sweet milkshakes, so they are dessert-friendly.

The name also comes from the Nahuatl word for testicle.


I think, like peanut butter, it’s closer to a simulacrum than the real thing.


BTW, “white chocolate” isn’t really chocolate.


I live in CA, and I love avocados in salads and on sandwiches… but I just don’t get the whole ‘toast’ thing, and I sure as hell don’t understand overpaying for it.


Avocado on granary toast is lovely, but I’m making that snack at home!


I could see that.


Avocados are expensive by comparison to other produce, but it’s still way cheaper to buy one or two, and then make your own toast (or guac, or whatever.)


I still can’t believe no-one in this thread has brought up the Avozilla!


I’m sure I’m alone on this, but avocados are absolutely revolting in color, texture, flavor, everything. Putting them in chocolate seems exactly the same level of disgusting to me as putting them on toast, in sushi, or on planet Earth.


I wouldn’t deny others their avocados, but it’s a rather neutral flavor to me. I could eat one if necessary, but never in my life have I craved one.


One of my favorite weird candies is crystallized ginger covered in really dark chocolate. It has the advantage of causing most people to go, “Eeewwww!” when they ask what you’re eating, so little to no sharing of my delicious treats (I don’t really know any English people, tho).


I’m alone among my avocado-loving friends in feeling absolutely nothing in particular towards the savory fruit. It’s nice enough in a sandwich but mainly for its silky, buttery texture; to me, it contributes very little in terms of aroma.

I don’t expect I’ll ever understand the fervor for them but, like you, I don’t begrudge it. And as guacamole, it really does prove itself as a good vehicle for other, more flavorful things.


I love both ginger and dark chocolate. Do you recommend a brand available via San Diego or Amazon?


That’s not weird; that’s heaven.

I’ve been to factories where they preserve ginger in both India and Australia, and there is almost nothing that smells so good. Crystallised ginger and dark chocolate… oh yeah…


I am so looking forward to getting some of this!




In Venezuela we have giant avocados, and they used to be able to be found pretty cheap and we did something akin to avocado on toast for breakfast… but on arepas. Basically involves mushing the avocados, stuffing it in the arepa along with butter and a semi-fresh salty cheese. And its the bomb. (additional ingredients optional)


The haas avocado which is typically what you find in the US is pretty lousy with the taste. The variety i grew up eating was great, but hey if you aren’t crazy about the fruit no worries (more for the rest of us)

*these are like 5 times the size of a haas avocado


Dark chocolate-covered ginger is a favorite of my Dad… who keeps claiming it’s healthy, no matter how many times it’s explained to him that it’s candied ginger.


Are you aware that Windex cures most skin ailments?