What a drag it is getting old — unless you’re headed to the AARP sponsored Rolling Stones concert

Originally published at: Rolling Stones announce AARP-sponsored tour in 2024


My guitar teacher taught me part of one of these new songs this week (Angry), and I will say this. My first thought on hearing it was, “Yep. That sounds like the Stones.” And I couldn’t say that about the recent new Beatles song. That sounded Beatlesesque, but it didn’t sound like the Beatles. The new Stones songs sound like Stones songs. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but hell…they’re still rocking at their age and I’m all for it.


I swear “Steel Wheels” (89) was billed as a “Farewell Tour”.


good for them to still be playing.


I saw them on the Urban Jungle tour in Berlin in 1990, which was the European leg of the Steel Wheels tour.


They should lend their name to another Volkswagen special edition while there is still time.
The T-Roc sounds about right.

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Do I get an AARP discount on tickets?


We saw Olivia Newton John at The Windsor Casino a few years ago. We were up near the front, we started seeing people getting escorted in driving their mobility scooters, the usher gave them a ticket and then drove their scooter to the scooter parking lot.

Yup, they were valet parking scooters.

I can only imagine the age gap at a stones concert, probably bigger than the latest Queen tour.


At least Queen has the much younger Adam Lambert as their singer. It’s not like it’s all septuagenarians on stage. But speaking as someone who saw them in 2019 there was definitely a huge age gap for sure. Young kids and tweens all the way up to the elderly. Then again I’d argue that despite no new songs since the mid 90s, Queen’s catalog still feels fresh and relevant while the Stones haven’t really had anything new to say since the early 70s. Yet people still turn out for their shows.

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