What are Tarantino's three desert island movies?

Empire, Bat Pussy and Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

I would preface this by saying that I think the list changes every few months, but today?

Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway,
The Saragossa Manuscript

Also, given the framing of the question, I think the right answer (aside from survival documentaries), would be (for me), three movies I haven’t seen yet, working under the assumption that any three movies i see on endless loop I will eventually tire of, and start to nitpick, and eventually despise, I might as well start with three movies that will give me the longest potential runway of enjoyment. That list might look like:

Chimes At Midnight
Everything, Everywhere, All At Once (Yes, I’m dying to see it, no I’m not ready for movie theaters yet)

I’m also cheating because Sátántangó is like… 7 1/2 hours long?

Third answer: Movies that need a lot of introspection, repeat viewing (because, once I get that sweet treehouse built, nothing but time):

The Hourglass Sanatorium
A Zed and Two Noughts

With the option to swap out Stalker for Hard to be a God

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Top of my list is going to be a documentary about boat-building.


I can personally recommend Fanny and Alexander and La Flor. I think Fanny is actually better in the mini-series version, but I suppose one wouldn’t be allowed to bring that.


Monty Python’s Holy Grail
Grosse Pointe Blank
Love Actually (to be less cynical)

But I’d trade them all for a fast boat!

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