What Aren't You Playing? (Code Thread)

This is an experiment and we will see how it goes - there are so many things that could go sideways. That’s why I decided to make a new thread for it. Many more people read the BBS than just the members. If it doesn’t work out I will just lock the thread and we can move on. If it works out then, “Yay!”

This is a place to post your “I’ll never use it myself” game codes that you have acquired, from bundles and so on, so that mutants without such luxuries can benefit from them.


  1. Before using anything in this thread YOU MUST JOIN THE BBS - you have to be able to edit the wiki for all of this to work
  2. Only post codes in the SECOND post of this thread. It’s a wiki, so any user can edit it. This will allow us all to add or delete things, making it much easier to maintain. if you don’t know how to use the wiki function, it’s pretty easy - just click the edit button at the bottom of the second post and have at it.
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  3. Only post unused codes (duh)
  4. Post in the format of "GAMENAME - STOREFRONT - CODE - (Opt. Locked Regions)
  5. Just post codes in the second post. If you want to say something about the game make a new post in the thread about it. Also feel free to make posts about bundles that others might be interested in
  6. Copy and paste the codes, please, to avoid typos
  7. If you use a code please edit the second post to remove it immediately after you redeem it so others will not be disappointed if they try to use it and it fails. If it fails because the code is region-locked please add your country code after the entry for the code. I think it can still be used by someone in an allowed region.
  8. If you try a code and it fails, please remove it so it others won’t also be disappointed. Please don’t make a post saying that a code did not work, it’s going to happen. If a lot of codes are not working that is a topic worthy of discussion in a new post (not in the wiki) since I want to know if people are just harvesting these things.
  9. Don’t be a dick!
  • Don’t use codes here to add to your backlog.
  • Look up a game you are not familiar with before using a code.
  • If you are not sure something will work on your system “do your own research” before using a code.
  • It’s fine to get something, try it, and decide it’s not for you. It’s not cool yo just grab codes for the sake of adding to your collection.
  • Show us that we can have nice things
  • Don’t make me pull this thread over

Please edit this post to add your codes you want to share. If you use a code and it works please delete it from this thread immediately. If you use a code and it doesn’t work please also delete it from this thread immediately

Post in the format of "GAMENAME - STOREFRONT - CODE (- Optional Locked Out Regions if known)

Back 4 Blood - Steam - MGECH-CP7IW-DIYFA
Batman - The Telltale Series Steam 9IXRK-T5G5T-V4IJ0
Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series steam ACC3E-7MP6H-KM3DH
Batman - The Telltale Series Shadows Mode Steam 9L8V3-KIP02-X4L3A
Batman - The Enemy Within Shadows Mode Steam 57GZT-8L2VD-QAXQB
Amnesia: The Dark Descent + Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs - Steam - LXF03-TR75C-G4J8I
WWE 2K Battlegrounds - Steam - LBI58-73QHN-R8WYY
WWE 2K Battlegrounds - Ultimate Brawlers Pass - Steam - KBP05-WY27P-KGK72
Gish - Steam - R895W-WWKE2-NTFAX
Hearts of Iron III Collection - Steam - Q9WED-5JB6W-A52F2
Overruled - Steam - 4839V-QTX7M-YWLZ8
Hidden & Dangerous: Action Pack - Steam - RG387-6H309-4F6EA
Hidden & Dangerous 2: Courage Under Fire - Steam - V3GWL-JEVRQ-ZXH86
Army Men RTS - Steam - LE3TY-K97ID-W656E
Railroad Tycoon 3 - Steam - NEGFH-K6FIB-QI036
Book of Demons - Steam -JAKFT-484ZR-X9ZGN
Broken Age - Steam - KEXGY-4TWVB-X39NG
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Steam - M90JY-VXE7K-CQQTN
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition - Steam - L2BBB-FB4BR-6CPYF
Kerbal Space Program - Steam -R907I-PC6WA-ER8EY
Fable Anniversary - Steam - VH4Q5-2HGJX-YDXB6
Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Steam - JWFEE-KB9PC-9IHND
Endless Space 2 - Steam - EZTGF-DRPJW-LI6IL
GameGuru - Steam - 75LX8-PTYJT-7C3EA


We’ll see how this goes…

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Thanks! I just took this war of mine (I had it before one time and lost it. The children were too young when I played with them and they cried. A lot.)


That’s how you know it’s working!

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I have a few more to add, I think I won’t add the ones from the Humble Turkiye and Syria offer that I won’t use until after that is over.

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Good thinking! We definitely don’t want to disincentivize philanthropy!

I have a ton more myself to add, just wanted to put a few up to seed it before I went to work

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Actually thinking about it, at least in this case, it might disincentivise the companies too.

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Please remember to include the storefront that the code is for, Don’t want people getting frustrated trying to type an Xbox or GOG code into Steam! :smile:

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What a brilliant idea @anon52120741!

EDIT: just copped on to the “edit the second post” system and moved my contributions in there.

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Oh, thank you! But really, this guy should get all the credit:


I think it’s this guy that deserves the credit though

And just a warning. There are bots that search the internet for game codes and take them before humans can.


Snagging RR Tycoon. Thanks! I’ve never used steam before, but RR Tycoon is an old, old favorite.

ETA: NM. No version for the Mac. :frowning:

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Yeah, I’m worried about that. But there is no way to make a thread only accessible to logged in registered users. I asked :person_shrugging:

So if we notice that codes aren’t working I’ll shut it down

And definitely the credit belongs to someone with an amazing beard

@anon33932455 thanks for checking before using it and returning it to the pool! :+1:



Just a note that Game Guru, which I just put up above is a game engine, not a game


Down the time suck of Railroads! but gonna try Broken Sword 5. Thanks!


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