What color is the chugga chugga?

Apparently the latest “Yanny” or “Laurel” or “What color is the dress” type of argument is over the number of “chuggas” that should occur before “choo choo” - i.e. should it be “chugga chugga choo choo” , “chugga chugga chugga choo choo”, etc.? What does the train say?

There are interesting arguments put forth by people for why they prefer a specific number. Does anyone here have a strong preference and any sort of justification?

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A couple things about Neely’s analysis seems way off to me. He isn’t really talking about poetic meter when he starts saying, “do you hear it as a trochee or an iamb”. Poetic meter is perfectly comfortable with spondees. Spondees happen all over metrical poetry in both iambic and trocheic contexts. He also isn’t talking about lexical stress. Clearly both “choo” instances are lexically the same and have the same stress.

Even the very notion that the meter should somehow fit evenly into musical staffs such that it fits 4/4 time seems bad based only on the huge prevalence of pentameter in poetry.

I almost feel like there is some notion of syllabic weight going on with both syllables of chugga being light syllables and choo being a heavy syllable. Something like mora counting?

Wouldn’t you have expected Neely to count the choos as triplets?

Seven chugga-chuggas to one Choo-choo. It is law.

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So 14 chuggas altogether? That seems like a lot.

You just gotta, like, feel it, dude.

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I think you are confusing the chugga : Choo ratio with the badger : mushroom ratio there.


Stranger things have happened, and after all, it is Wednesday.

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The chugga chugga is an oily silver, while the choo choo is sooty black.

Also, either twice or twelve times before the choo choo.


4 or 8 chuggas to a choo choo, depending on whether they’re discrete “chuggas” or “chugga-chugga” duplets. The latter denotes more effort.




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