What. Did. You. Feed. That. GODDAMNED. CABBAGE?!



Is his name Seymour?

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The question is, was the then contacted by Snoop Lion (nee Dogg) for growing advice?

Well the answer is of course a steady conversation of Gaelic. Makes you wonder if he learned a few phrases from Tuatha Dé eh?


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I can attest that slugs are even more fond of the Herb than they are your cabbage patch. My advice is: not outside.

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When a cabbage like that comes along you feed it whatever it wants or you pay the consequences.


There’s two methods that work quite well against slugs.

  1. Beer traps, bury a plastic cup up to it’s rim near your plants, ideally blocking off other access with broken shells/sharp sand and put a couple of inches of beer in the bottom.
  2. Encourage local wild life to eat them. Providing a habitat near by for toads/frogs or hedgehogs or whatever lives near you and eats slugs. Free range chickens will eat them, but sometimes they take a liking to your other crops as well.

Or you could use chemicals, but I try and avoid adding them to plants I’m going to ingest.



Problem with beer traps is they attract ALL THE GODDAMN SLUGS. The best tactic is to persuade your neighbour that beer traps are a good idea. I’m onto your game, buddy…

I hear girls eat slugs :wink:

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Little boys are made of slugs.
And snails and puppy dog tails.
Or so I’ve heard.

Came for Little Shop of Horror jokes, left satisfied … :slight_smile:

I remember that interview from the first time around. Ms. Frum kept asking the exact same question, over and over, without changing the wording much… Bad over-the-phone probing, Babs!

And yes, in case some of you’all are wondering: she was David Frum’s mom.

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