What do you want to do with your life?

Contact wes brown out of the blue, say you know Jeremy, and mention he is one of the good lisp devs in the security world.

If you Google Wes lisp mosquito, you’ll find him :smiley:


Immediate experience would indicate staying up all night with a child who keeps hacking up phlegm, refusing to use a tissue, and practically shouting because he never practices being quiet. It’s a miracle his siblings haven’t woken up.

If I had won the Powerball, I would have focused on my programmatic art and finished my master’s. With that much money, and kids, it seems doubtful I’d get a PhD, which has never seemed in the cards anyway.

I did not win the Powerball, though, so I’ll keep trying to balance family, work, career advancement and art somehow.


Hey, are you my dad 20 years in the past? Hand to my heart, I didn’t know what the word “whisper” meant until I was in high school. Literally. I didn’t do it often enough for me to figure out a name for it, and when I was a little kid nobody explained the concept sufficiently for me to understand.

I have that kind of voice that makes people’s balls hurt.


So I have gotten farther than I ever expected to just working through the best idea for the next step. I may get farther still.

But…All I really want to do is have enough money to half-work or not work for a few decades and just:

Build stuff. My stuff.
Go fishing
Buy a boat
Corrupt my nephews via previous items


I hope that it too is in its own way an elegant one (and that the book is as awesome as that one is).


Honestly, it’s sad to see so many smart people who have creative and productive plans for their lives, but are forced to spend some of their best years meeting obligations that are not necessarily benefiting them, their families or society.

Sigh. Late stage capitalism.

Oh yeah, positive. I want to keep myself as free from debt as possible, finish my masters and earn enough to allow the rest of the family to work less than full time. I also want to learn at least three more languages, have a working knowledge of European history and give my kids the best chance in life that I can.

While I’m willing to work hard and save, I’m going to put a lot of effort into not giving my life to work. I’m willing to forego a house, car, status and a pension in return for a fulfilled life now and over the next 30-40 years.


Code Combat has Clojure now, it’s a modern Lisp variant!


i’m going to continue teaching science and social studies to sixth graders for another 8 years or so. in my spare time i will continue to write poetry, paint, assemble sculptures, travel, read, and play video games. after i retire i plan on spending some time trying to sell my back catalog of artworks.

  • Active Imagination
  • Screen-writing / Film-making
  • One arm pull-ups

An interesting side-effect of the Powerball fantasies was the realization that, if money was not a barrier, I’d have more kids. Which is what my wife wants to do, but I find somewhat impossible without money for school, clothes, housekeeper, etc. My parents are coming for the weekend of my daughter’s birthday in February, and my wife and I will get to go to Ikea. ALONE! And possible a meal somewhere for an early Valentine’s Day! Probably with Swedish meatballs.


I hope, for your sake, that you don’t have one or more of the flavors of misery that it definitely can’t buy you out of; and they are legion.


I want that plan!!


Oh becoming a dad that’s easy providing normal functioning equipment on both sides, but being a dad? Considering the wide range of kid behavior? I think we all do like Indiana Jones and make it up as we go.


Heh, my equipment needs a tune up, and all the mechanics I’ve met have been hacks :wink: I should have gone for the lease option and extended warranty, so I could return and upgrade. :imp:



I want to play saxophone for an all girl cabaret in new Orleans. Gotta start working on my embouchure again.


You’re fishing for sarcastic comments, and you’re a saxophonist? But, but, but, sax!

I don’t really aspire to being a saxophonist. I just want to get back in practice and not suck.


You see son, sometimes when a man loves his saxophone very very much, um. . . hang on, it’s been a while since I had to give this talk. I may have mixed some things up


i’d like to have time to read all of the coffee table books i own (then, maybe the non-coffee table books! start small), make home cooked meals 4x a week (preferably some involving several hours of prep/watching/manipulating), see more live music, and create more art that comes out of my head in whatever medium that ends up being.

to do this i need fewer hours commuting each day, which i’m close to achieving. also, run more, be financially responsible (at least after the wedding this summer), be a good husband/dad. then…be more involved in my local community.


I have a plan:

  1. Get my baccalaureate (spring 2017).
  2. Get a job (financial analysis, preferably with a company that {a} believes in work/life balance, {b} is doing Good Things for people/the world in general and {c} is located far away enough from where we live now that we can move).
  3. Keep making stuff/exploring new creative avenues.
  4. Retire!

I’d love to have a house and a yard and so forth, but I guess that’s not absolutely necessary to guarantee my future happiness. Anyway, if y’all need a financial analyst with a background in accounting next spring, lemme know! :blush: