What happens to nearby streams and rivers when a tanker passes too quickly


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I have seen this video before, though I forget how it came to my attention.

Glad to hear some positive changes were made because of it.


Okay, how about a thousand-footer with hydrofoils. No displacement, no problem, right?


…and the issues shown in this video have since subsided.

Get it? Subsided?


They should really put up a




‘…giant tidal wave…’


Why aren’t those houses on stilts or ziggurats or something?

I’d never build a house foundation that close to the waterline on totally flat ground. Seems reckless and foolish.


So I have no experience with boats of any kind, but ti was my understanding that you are always responsible for damage cause by your own wake or displacement, yes?


I have a complaint…could you please for the love of god shield the mic from the wind!!!


Does all that wake mean the stream got woke?


Regardless of how much the stream is waked, it will never get out of its bed.


Seriously, people need to build more responsibly.


Don’t you understand free markets?..


Having never experienced one, probably not. :wink: I get your point though!


The surge isn’t a matter of displacement so much as it is a bow wave. Those vessels have a bulb shaped projection extending forward of the bow, below the waterline. At their best cruising speed it sets up a wave train so the boat is sliding downhill the whole way, saving fuel. Given that the best cruising speed is about 15 knots, there is a solid temptation to exceed the speed limits. Interestingly, the surge does not lay back in a V from the bow in the usual way, but extends directly abeam from the bow.

Every vessel is responsible for damage from its wake. Damage needs a cost asigned and a source proven. Much easier to show an isolated wake shook someone off a masthead than having a property diminshed a tablespoon at a time over the course of years.


besides the wake issue, it looks like a lovely place to live.


You could say the captain was knoty.




levi will come and levi’s will go


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