What happens when you wear a green tie on TV, the Sean Spicer edition


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/16/spicey-tie.html


Sauron’s Eye would be even better as an option.


His tie is a microwave oven.


Hooray for chroma keying.


I’m deeply disappointed they didn’t mix Rick Astley in there…


Didn’t it used to be blue screens ties?


Careful now. What with that and the colour wheel avatar, you don’t want to get mistaken. :laughing:


It can be any color, technically, as long as it maximizes contrast with what’s in front of it. People are more likely to wear blue than green, so green is the default for normal shots of human beings dressed normally.

Fun fact: The original suit for the cloaked Predator was bright red, to best contrast with the green of the jungle.


Well, the current US admin certainly delivers enough contrast to project a lot on them.


The White House should consider hiring some sort of PR professional if they want to avoid embarrassing moments like this.


The tie was funny; but I think that using pitch-shifter on his voice was just cruel.


Aw, poor widdle Spicy.

He’s a big boy, a tough one too. So tough. I think he can take it.


Hey, if the (recursive) tie fits, wear it! All’s fair in neckwear.


I like one Twitter commenter’s suggestion to use orange.


Show Melissa McCarthy (dressed as Spicer) saying the same thing as Spicer (perhaps leading Spicer by a second, so it looks like he’s copying her) in Spicer’s tie.


Just the definitive proof that the administration’s antipathy toward experienced experts also applies to its spokesman.


Also using a bright green makes it less likely that the subject’s irises will accidentally get keyed out.


Updated suggestion from a non-BBS friend:


Urban legend.

The cloaked Predator was bright red because of all the FRESH HUMAN BLOOD!


I expected melissa mccarthy as spicer, kinda like his id. Specifically the bit of her chewing that massive wad of disgusting cinnamon gum.