What is "design fiction?"


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This is a beautiful machine:

It makes me happy to look at it.

Anybody know what it is? The very large ducting suggests maybe some kind of steam turbine exhaust manifold?



I dunno.

I prefer my machines to have a more coherent design aesthetic.




I didn’t know Apple had released a picture of the iCar.


Isn’t design fiction just science fiction with a heavy predictive content? Like what they used to do in the old days before the new wave people got to it?


I thought that design fiction was when a company says “we removed/changed item X because design” when it is really due to cost savings/whim/change-for-change…


Wheels would be too skeuomorphic.


Its a turbine-generator set turning the hot high preassure steam into lukewarm low preassure steam and electricity. Its a very central piece of equipment in most powerplants, I can not say if this is a generator set from a coal powerplant, an nuclear powerplant or other less common powerplants that boil water.


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