What is... the Alex Trebek Open Space?

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Well that’s just nice.


I hope it does not wind up in double jeopardy.


All of L.A. county has so many of these little gems. My mother would take us out hiking to spaces this and other such spots. My father would come home on the weekends and ask about what we saw on a hike and we would list the animals, plants, rocks, etc and my mother would sometimes add “and (number) Love Boat guests of the week”, as we had no idea what celebrity was spotted. It was on a canyon trail not too far from this one that I learned that my mother was a master lizard catcher. I have so many good memories hiking in places like this.

My parents brought us up to bring a trash bag and fill it as we hiked, something my father picked up from his friends. My kids enjoy doing it too. When I see trails that are fairly clean, I know that there are people doing the same.

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MRCA-administered “Open Spaces” are usually donated parcels (usually named for the donor) that don’t necessarily have the features or amenities of a public park, but often provide vital wildlife corridors connecting more scenic park lands to one another.

People aren’t forbidden, but MRCA is very low-key about publicizing such spaces, because they’re primarily intended to benefit the wildlife, not human recreation.

(In some cases, dogs are forbidden, and personally, I’d recommend taking Fido elsewhere in any case, as there are plenty of dog-friendly trails in other nearby parks. Leave the Open Spaces to the wildlife, as intended.)


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