What is the fake cocaine that actors snort in TV and movies?

I’m pretty sure that’s how Gene Simmons died.


Gene’s dead?


But that Royale with Cheese sure was tasty.

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I got these shoes from my dealer; not sure what he laced em with, but I’ve been tripping all day!

(Not mine.)


I was on a shoot about 6 months ago that had a snorting scene. For our coke substitute, we used powdered baby laxative. It’s safe, cheap and easy to get. Of course, if you have to do a lot of takes, someone might end up sh!tting their pants, but that’s the price you pay for art…


Manitol? That’s a popular coke cut as well.

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Didn’t they kill the Life cereal kid?


Why can’t you just palm a tiny vacuum hose? Even if it isn’t coke, I’d hesitate to snork something into my lungs that doesn’t belong there.

Some might argue that the results prove that coke belongs (wherever insufflating it makes it go).

ETA - Correction on preview of @LDoBe.


Doesn’t get into your lungs. It gets lodged in the sinuses where a wonderfully high-surface area mucous membrane exists, making it a really great route for getting solid matter from your environment (eg drugs) into your blood.

At most some stuff might hit the back of your throat, but that’ll just make you cough. Nothing gets into your lungs really.


my dip housemate used to go into Walgreen’s (pharmacy chain) on campus and buy a box of sandwich bags and Manitol. nothing else.

add to that, he was a gigantic black dude, sag, cornrows, the whole bit. this was in racist-assed Knoxville, TN. he just had the type of charisma to pull it off. tempered with a certain obliviousness, and surely also not giving a single fuck. ah well, such is youth.

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yo, I heard it was the guy who played Eddie Haskell

OK, mucous membrane. Whatever. It is still a foreign substance in the place where you put it. Just because something is innocuous when you eat it does not mean it is innocuous when you snort it. Different chemistry. If I were and actor, I wouldn’t do it without data. In any case, why can’t you just use a tiny vacuum hose hidden in the rolled up dollar bill?

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Hard to get a hold of in the UK so I’m told. It goes for a fair bit on the black market apparently. Of course, that’s what I heard from folks who would never get up to such shenanigans with their product, no sirree. Only other unscrupulous dealers would do that, honest…

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If it’s a light enough powder you can just blow instead of suck. Line still disappears.

Tiny vacuum hose: $50+time+cost of getting a prop guy to figure out how to build and hide the thing+the hassle of running the machine and figuring out noise on set/ADR.

Snorting mannitol/inositol which are known to be safe for such a use: $5 for a 10lb bag.

The thing is, if you can safely inject something directly into a vein, you’re more than likely safe putting at least the same amount anywhere your blood goes. So, being that you can inject truly massive amounts of inositol or mannitol directly into your vein bypassing any and all buffering provided by body-environment interfaces, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can snort it without any medical problems.


I remember reading somewhere that after pot cocaine is the most used drug in the UK. I believe it was in a report related to that former NHS guy who got fired for citing data when it comes to the level of harm for drugs.


Yup, it is. The quality went up significantly a while back, but so did the price. I steer the fuck clear of it these days, but I know someone who knows someone that gets rock-star grade. Only stuff I’ve had that was better fell out the back of a hospital. Costs a bastard fortune though. Like, £140 plus per g.


on one hand, I do agree. but on the other, what @LDoBe said.

add to that, it breaks the 4th wall. if you’ve ever seen a movie where the protag plays basketball, for example, and they show him shoot, then cut to the ball dropping thru the net; the casual observer might go along with it, but if you’ve ever played basketball, you immediately see how fake it is and then you’re out of the movie, no more suspension of disbelief.

similarly, anyone watching your idea who has ever done coke is going to immediately call bullshit. (depending on how it was shot, of course.) and that’s a lot of folks.

'cause a whole lot of folks have done coke.

not saying it’s right for a production to ask that of an actor, but an actor saying “I’m not going to do that” on the day of the shoot has a lot of veto power. firing him/her and having to re-shoot all the existing footage is prohibitively expensive and not usually going to happen, so I assume there is a pretty good give-and-take when it comes to the comfort level of the actors in these cases. I mean, if they’ve ever recreationally done coke, they’re probably fine with it. if I were to lay a wager, that’s the majority of actors simply because that’s the majority of adults that I personally know. maybe that’s the company I keep, but think about hollywood–I reckon my experience is conservative if anything.

So if they ask you to shoot up?

I dunno. I kind of put it somewhere between acting and being forced to smoke for a role. It isn’t as dangerous as cigarettes but it isn’t clearly innocuous either.