What is the fake cocaine that actors snort in TV and movies?


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gee, I wonder which actors are known for “going hot”


The list of actors who don’t is probably much shorter.

I’d be more than a little paranoid. Many years ago I had a teacher who told the class a story about guys who’d snorted cocaine cut with talcum powder and started going blind when the talc cut off circulation to the tiny blood vessels in their eyes. Is it true? Is it even plausible? I don’t know, but I’m leery of snorting anything.


If there’s a long week, and it’s toward the end of the day, and and there’s a snorting scene, the actor might request that you ‘go hot,’ or you switch the fake stuff for the real stuff.

In response to which, I imagine the prop master just says, “Okay, sure… let me go retrieve the stash of blow that every prop master typically keeps under lock and key in the prop room between the candyglass flower vases and the rubberized grocery bags, since coke is just a commonly budgeted expendable.”

Hmm. Well, I know whom to ask.


This is what the prop master uses when they want to “go hot”. Promise them anything, but give them Synth-Coke!



That’s why I only shoot up in the neck.


This guy?


I remember making some fake coke when I was a kid… Don’t quite remember what I used (possibly aspirin, but I think that it was something a bit more inert). Ground it up and put it in one of those tiny glass vials that perfume samples used at the time – packaged the vial with a little mirror, razor, and straw in a little box. When my buddy came over I pulled it out and tried to get him to try it with me – apparently, I suck at that whole peer-pressure thing… I snorted it by myself and then waited a couple days before I told him that it was fake – I still don’t think that he totally forgave me, because he damn near got an ulcer with all the worrying he did in those two days. (mid-80’s peak of “just say no”, stories about good kids gone bad, etc.)


Well, it worked. You’ve definitely “gone bad.”


Oh yeah I remember when I came over and you were trying to get me to try it, and you were like “this one’s a fucking madman” and I was like “Remember, I just got back from. Amsterdam.” and then you talked me into buying it and later on my boss’s wife snorted some and nearly died. I was soooo cheesed off at you.


I worked on productions back in the '80s that had coke as a line item in the budget: “Crew Entertainment, Misc.”

But that the '80s, when almost everyone did coke.

Much, much less common these days, and seldom done openly, as many industry veterans have developed well-earned low opinions of cokeheads over the years.


Yeah that was trippy.


Yeah, I heard many a story about those days when it was in the craft service budget, and commonly dispensed by the 1st AD. It occurs to me that there are enough younger people working in the industry today that those “well-earned low opinions” you mentioned may not be as widely held as they recently were.

Some kids gotta reinvent the wheel, it seems.


In high school I had the policy of grinding up and snorting anything that might get me high, including migraine pills (for the caffeine). It turns out that while snorting caffeine is pretty much painless, snorting asprin is somewhere between snorting fireants and plain old fire in terms of pain.

I don’t recommend insufflation as a method of administration for aspirin.


the actor might request that you ‘go hot,’ or you switch the fake stuff for the real stuff. It happens more frequently than you might think."

more frequently than I might think?

you obviously don’t know me very well.


Yeah, could be. Haven’t spent much time on a working set lately, and film tech is a youngster’s game, anyway. The hours and working conditions can be brutal.


Is this an Australia only thing?


In the US we have these:


Yup same thing. I’m not brave enough to snort them though.


Oh dear lord, I think that may be similar to pop rocks or Zotz inthe US. Put that up your nose… You may not have a nose.

Zotz used to sell a non-candy, just powder version of their mouth foaming delectable. I wonder why they quietly decided to stop marketing it.