What is the “very disgusting bodily fluid” in Detroit airport soap dispensers? Cops and officials won't say


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I would say that it’s gotta be urine, or blood, since those are the only ones easy to get in significant amounts.

Of course if it’s a person with a grudge, I guess it’s contingent on how big of a grudge which determines the amount of, ah, time they want to invest in this activity.


hmmm. I wonder


Chyme. That, or some sort of albumin.


Nothing is coming to mind.


“It’s nothing sinister”? If you mess with handwashing, you’re at the very minimum making people think twice about using soap in the future.

Plus, gross.


Vitreous humour. Or perhaps synovia.


DNA from 45. That’s the grossest thing I can think of.


I see what you did there.


FFS - “Is disgusting” TO WHOM? Are people really so routinely thick as to assume that their feelings are felt universally? I don’t know WTF you like.

Incidentally, I had an icky dream a few days ago about spinal fluid. But that was maybe more the tone and feeling of the dream than a problem with spinal fluid itself.


I didn’t do it, I’ve never even been to Detroit, allegedly.


Humans can be very disgusting.



I was not prepared for that smell when I first made my rounds with the wound, ostomy, and continence nurse (WOCN) as a nursing student. I learned very quickly how to breathe through my mouth to the point that I could carry conversation (say, while emptying a person’s ileostomy bag) through carefully timed exhales.

Nurses deal with a lot of shit but none more so in the literal sense than WOCNs.


Something that claims to be soap but is actually a bodily fluid? What a humorous lye!


I know everyone loves it when I pee all over their stuff.

Which is the only reason I do it.


Hey, what the hell is my house cat doing on the BBS?

(Um, sorry for the reminder)


Bile? Interstitial fluid? Cerebrospinal fluid? Earwax? Its probably bile…


I think it’s safe to say that whatever fluid they’re dealing with is, in the context of unexpectedly being in a soap dispenser, a disgusting surprise.


Dear gods, I wonder if it is a low-viscosity transparent blue liquid? Gross!


This is why I never wash my hands in airport bathrooms. In fact I never use airport bathrooms. I wait until I’m on the plane to go. But not in the plane’s bathroom. In the seat. Well, my neighbors seat. Ok, all the seats in my row. But I have to! People are disgusting!