What it's like to be a woman reporter on a cryptocurrency cruise where nearly all the other women are sex-workers


Heinlein? Really? Heinlein? “She was uppity until I spanked her and then she was properly submissive” Heinlein? Yuk!


I’ve read Cryptonomicon, but I don’t recall any reference to gold in the ocean, or transporting gold to Borneo.

There’s the transporting of gold from the Philippines to the fictional island of Kinakuta, in the current-day storyline; there’s Goto Dengo panning for gold in New Guinea during the WWII storyline. There is a reference (currrent-day storyline) to the Philippinos dumping silver in Manila harbor as the Japanese invaded during WW2 (the silver is not worth recovering, modern story line).

But nothing comes to mind involving gold and the ocean.

Have I missed something?

Update: corrected spelling.

Update 2: I did miss something: I forgot about the gold on the sunken German submarine. That is the gold in the ocean. My mistake. Tip of the hat to @Michael_R_Smith.


A hint of scent, rather than a mugging. :sunglasses:


That’s the sales pitch to the rubes. I used to believe that’s what they thought, but the more the country shapes up and the more I read, it’s becoming harder to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I’m sure there are plenty of libertarians who buy it, but the head honchos know the real deal:

To a True true libertarian everything is slavery except sufficient property ownership and the means to defend it.


I wonder what it’s like to be a sex-worker on a cryptocurrency cruise, and whether this is a better or worse gig than usual.


That is such a wonderful quote to describe people as being ham or pepperoni-like.


Obviously Heinlein. Shocked that he was the only Heinlein fan on the boat.


I hope they weren’t paid in cryptocurrency.


It is hard to forgive people who have made attempts at killing you. I unfortunately know this first hand.

If one of the fascists who repeatedly attacked me came asking for forgiveness I would first need to know that they are no longer a fascist and are actively making an effort to stop fascism (I don’t expect them to be AntiFA, just consistently speaking out against it would be the starting point where forgiveness can begin). I am not going to waste mental effort forgiving them for something they will happily do again tomorrow.


And true libertarians aren’t actually true libertarians because the original libertarians were socialists.

Libertarian-socialists also seem capable of self governance that libertarian-capitalists can’t do without devolving into chaos and authoritarianism. History supports this, and I think that says everything you need to know.


IMO, it’s a dead giveaway that crypto-currency is a ponzi scheme, when the company putting on the event doesn’t even accept crypto-currency as a form of payment.


I posit that it hides the smell of weed from yourself.
“Sniff, sniff – I can’t smell any weed, I’m good to go!”

And is probably effective when interacting with others who also smoke a lot of weed.
“Sniff, sniff – I can’t smell any weed, you’re good to go!”


All weed smokers do not necessarily use/smell of patchouli.




I agree. I use one, but not the other. But I’ve known a lot of stoners who do use patchouli, and I’m comfortable in my analysis. In the same way that gum doesn’t really hide the fact that you’ve been smoking cigarettes when your clothes reek of it.


You have my sincerest sympathies.


No argument there. :slight_smile:


I think the point was, if you want your currency backed by gold, you either have to MAKE the currency OUT of gold (which used to be pretty common) or else there has to be all the machinery of power and bureaucracy to defend the hoard and transact bits of it. Paper money — including electronic paper money — is conventionally managed by governments for a reason.


Bitcoin should be backed by a diversity of stable commodities; tulip bulbs, beanie babies and couch change. Or better yet, derivatives based upon those commodities.


What are the chances they had to setup an account on some shady cryptoexchange before they could receive tips/payments and then it mysteriously vanished while still in international waters before any of them could transfer out of the exchange and into real money?


I interpreted Kinakuta as being basically Brunei. The gold was transported from Germany to the Philippines at the end world war 2 by a U boat skippered by Bischoff. They got trapped by allied sub killing aircraft in shallow, clear water, and sunk with the gold on board. The sub was discovered with side scan sonar while surveying a path for a telecomunication cable, and was exploited by Avi, Randy, etc.

By that time they were building their crypt in Kinakuta and they used small boats to transport the gold.

Obviously they got enormously lucky, to find the gold., I don’t think they ever exploited the gold in the jungle. That was just an example.