What it's like to vape caffeine


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I need dis…


I’m probably one of the only people on the planet that is aware of this, but nutmeg is actually quite nice to vape*.

*at your own risk


Didn’t the FDA put the smack down on inhalable caffeine a few years back?


This is Canadian



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The company is Canadian but come on, their address is listed as in the US, they’re called EAGLE energy and their logo is red, white and blue… I think they know who their target market is.


…OR you could simply buy pure caffeine and vape it in something else, instead of these apparently disposable things.


…or even better, you could try intravenous delivery!


Isn’t nutmeg a psychedelic and also potentially lethal? A friend of mine tells a great story about how once, when grounded as a teenager, he ate several spoonfuls of nutmeg and found himself quite high for many, many hours. And not in a pleasant way.


Most of the people I know who tried using nutmeg to get high (not through vaping) have said it was a very unpleasant experience. I suspect the quantities used are quite different but I suggest caution.


That’s why it’s nice to vape. It’s much easier to titrate the dose, the onset is faster and so is the clearance. The eaten experience can last up to three days but vaped it’s closer to 2-3 hours. It can also quite likely cause liver damage and women who are pregnant or might become pregnant should probably avoid it.

Also I did this with freshly ground nutmeg, not pre-ground which probably has a lower volitiles content.


Are suppositories no longer “a thing”?


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Nutmeg has a lot of safrole, which is an ingredient in making MDMA. It also has a lot of myristicin, which is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Like with other MAO inhibitors, it can cause normally harmless compounds to be toxic, so much of the effects and risk depend upon what else one has consumed that day. But yes, psychoactive doses of nutmeg are basically poison. There would be a pronounced body load.


Most of us probably still do the suppository “thing” for a quick pick me up during the day. Not something that we talk about much, though. Until most people realize that it is more convenient than lugging around a coffee cup, well . . . stigma.


Yeah, seriously, be careful when using MAOI’s!


I work with a guy who bought a bag of pure caffeine and he literally does bumps of it at work.


Two tablespoons (no more), freshly ground. 6 hour heavy hash-like buzz.

I hear.


Back in the 80s, an acquaintance of mine and his druggie friends decided to try smoking caffeine, reasoning from the way marijuana and coca and opium behave differently when consumed as plant material or refined or smoked, so they crunched up some caffeine pills in a pipe and smoked it.

He said “Do Not Try This. It Is Not Fun.” All the things caffeine does to you happen at once, between the jitters and headaches and nausea and fast heartbeat. Yes, it was a stimulant, but not in a good way. (And given his predilection for finding fun in substances I would not mess with, I have followed his advice about not trying it myself : -)

Of course that’s dosage-dependent advice, and this vape pen probably delivers very small doses of it compared to smoking multiple 100-mg pills, but yeah, no thanks, I’ll stick to espresso.