What it's like to watch someone you love fall down the Fox News rabbit-hole

Lonely wolf?


Relevant perspective from Jason a few years back:


I think “emotionally isolated” might be more applicable than “lonely”, although they’re practically the same thing.


What I meant was any self-identified “Conservative” who doesn’t hang out with people who revel in racism, misogyny and fear is bound to get pretty lonely. Kind of like being a NASCAR fan who doesn’t like Light Beer or loud noises.


Agreed, we need to fight these opinions and beliefs, tooth and nail. However, we need to teach people how to think for themselves in ways that lead them down better paths, otherwise we’ll just end up back where we started.

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That’s a nice sentiment. But it’s also important to remember you don’t owe it to anyone to be a target for their toxicity.


Of course, some nations simply criminalize anti social behavior.

Ah, thank you for the explanation. My point was that the aforementioned characteristics were sourced from emotional isolation, as they are negative effects of unexpressed feelings of alienation and frustration in a world they can’t seem to get a handle on.


True, but it sounds like many of them are crying in their basement apartments, wondering what Tucker Carson’s hair smells like.


Recidivism by any other name would smell just as foul.

I’ll save that for later. Seems JimJim is banned now so I may have to wait a while before I use it.


The documentary The Brainwashing of My Dad, though lacking high-end production values, tells this story very well, and is definitely worth a watch. It has a happy ending, but the journey up to that point is sad, and very recognizable. I certainly saw it happen to my dad, although fortunately he didn’t go far enough to drive away my mother.


Here’s my know_nuth’n impression as to the psychology: when i have seen fox-derangement-syndrome occur it’s often expressed as a particularly nasty form of nostalgia. It’s particularly nasty because it’s pining for a time and place which never existed (thank goodness!). They appear to want to return to some world of sixties sit-com families (e.g. “father knows best”, “leave it to beaver”, donna reed something or other). Recall the opening song from All in the Family? That’s the world they apparently desire and apparently ‘remember’. And Fox’news’ tells them in a myriad ways (formed in the mind of octogenarian Rupert Murdoch) that that’s the way it ought to be.


My mom and dad are moral majority evangelical fundamentalists. They both voted hillary.

They were too disgusted by trump to vote for him. Everything he says and does runs counter to all their values, and the prospect of “a godly man” in pence taking the helm if trump carks off isn’t enough for them.

They’re both mortified at how trump dishonors the presidency. At least bill clinton apologized for what he did etc.


Shit-boomers are we… I guess I can live with that.



The weird part is that there aren’t more stories like that of your parents. Hillary has been an observant Methodist for her entire life and entered politics in part due to inspiration from her Youth Minister. Trump is a thrice-married, non-churchgoing serial philanderer who can’t cite a single word of the Bible and publicly stated he doesn’t think he’s ever done anything he should ask God’s forgiveness for.

I don’t expect every self-identified American Christian to exhibit moral and intellectual consistency but it really seems like there should be more of them than there have been.




Mainstream or Breadtube? Ten years ago I would have guessed mainstream, but the world has moved on since then.


If anyone has a toxic relative they can’t deal with anymore, remember that in today’s spread-out culture, friends can be more like family than family is. At least that’s what I’ve found. My conservative siblings and one completely off-the-rails alt-right SIL are just too toxic to take anymore. They live across the country so I don’t have to see them at all, and I don’t really miss them.

Embrace your friends.