What kind of clod could resist bidding on these Alfred E. Newman underwear briefs


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Doesn’t say what size they are.


Given that these are from 1980, I have a hunch that they were manufactured to promote Mad’s feature film, Up The Academy, which was actually barely related to the magazine.

I could be wrong though: Mad never really needed a reason to produce some goofy item with Alfred E. Newman’s face on it.


Well, if bidder “mfrauen” doesn’t win these we’ll know what clod resisted. :wink:


They look really creepy. What are they made of, Rayon?


Lingerie? Potrzebie!


I hate when designers think it looks okay to make line art designed for black backgrounds by using a photographic negative of line art designed for white backgrounds.


A whole new meaning to “What me worry?”


I am afraid to wear them. What if they go “Shplortsch!” or “Tweeeeedleeedle…” like a Don Martin sound effect when I sit down?


You misslept “Alfred E. Neuman”.

You’re welcome.


What? Pee worry?


This clod is broke, so.


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