What mannequins say about us


I just knew they were saying stuff about us behind our backs.

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This one was, but only at night.


Not the ones I talk to, they never say a damn thing.

God, I’m so lonely.


My favorite! :wink:

According too the article, as I presume, Taylor Swift is a by-product of the mannequin industry.

They don’t mess with me - I hold one of them hostage in my attic.

Yes, but what are the womannequins saying?

I think Rod Serling answered that question through Anne Francis.


A mannequin article with nothing about Oh! Mikey. Major omission.

The one that stands above my desk 24/7 doesn’t say anything at all to me. She looks rather happy to be here, though.

Also, true to the article, she has two left hands.

Sometimes they even try to say something positive

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