'What the f*ck' — Elon Musk coronavirus meltdown on Tesla earnings call, 'Give people back their god damn freedom'

Mine is that they bake brownies in an electronic easy bake oven in cars.


OMG, you mean to tell me he doesn’t lovingly hand-craft every one all by himself?

And ROBOTS?!?! OMG. What kind of uber-genius can he be if he can’t manufacture 20-25,000 cars and a couple hundred satellites a month without having to resort to to hired help?? Or (ewwwww!) robots.

Such a fraud, I tell ya.



To be honest from what I’ve read about him I doubt he cares about a bonus much. The guy is one of the richest people on the planet, he could retire today and be a multibillionaire. That isn’t what drives him from what I can see.

That being said, he is known for being singlemindedly driven and I can totally see him treating the virus lockdown as an annoying unexpected barrier to his narrowly defined goals. I can relate.

Doesnt’ mean he is right or justified but he has done more to change the thinking around electric vehicles than any other oly.


I firmly believe that when people like Musk continue to make a fool of themselves and put people in danger in pursuit of satisfying their own ego and filling their pockets, then the company or companies that that person serves as CEO or head of do not deserve any patronage or support. You can say “Tesla and SpaceX are doing cool things” till the cows come home but that doesn’t make me or others want to give them my support when the person at the top is a bloviating and egotistical Trump-like figure.


Ha well put. I tuned out when people starting calling him immoral because he makes cars, the whole concept of which is immoral, ergo he’s immoral. Some of these BoingBoing discussions about anything with even a whiff of politics sure do turn into, how to put it… mono tonal. And surprisingly intolerant of divergent ideas and opinions. State of the world I guess.


So if I went through your home, catalogued every product, every company behind them, did a search for everything those companies’ CEOs have ever said publicly, you are certain none of them have ever said something that fails to meet your personal standards. Is what you’re saying?

The torrents of ethical purity, they rain down hard on this thread.

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Some companies do and make cool stuff and have CEOs who’ve said stupid crap every so often. That’s different from the manner in which Elon Musk has a long track record of being an egotistical prick, and whose words and actions have grown increasingly unsavory and dangerous over the years.

If your company makes cool stuff or does good work, but almost everything you say and do in the public eye makes it clear you’re a Trump-like asshole, I have no interest in supporting you or the people who work at your companies that make that cool stuff and do good work. It’s as simple as that.


Amen to that.

Just trying to get people to not patronize companies that have supported Trump’s campaign is difficult enough.

I support orgs that try to do the right thing in spite of who leads them. Because in many of these categories, your choice is either “support a company with terrible practices”, or, “support a company with terrible leadership”.

I’d buy a Tesla in a heartbeat because they have changed the narrative on electric cars in ways no other company did before. Ditto for SpaceX. Musk deserves praise for kicking both the auto and aerospace industries out of their complacency and forcing them to get shit done around sustainability and reusability.

That is a whole other discussion from “Would I accept unsolicited twitter advice from Elon”.

The day a class-B nonprofit makes an electric car that’s competitive with current offerings, yay! Until then, One has to choose between supporting the forward march, or continuing to buy dino-mobiles. Kind of like, well, the tradeoffs one has to decide between for everything in life, including a certain upcoming election.


If you wanna call a company that has been in the gas guzzler industry for decades and decades an “electric vehicle company” and makes only a very very very small dare I say insignificant portion of its current revenue through electric car sales, and then tell me I’m being pedantic for having a different definition, well Mister44 – that is absolutely your prerogative! I happen to disagree with the definition, and that this is being “pedantic” as you say. :man_shrugging:

I regret that I have but one like to give to your post.


Er - I’m not worshiping him, and any praise I have isn’t because he is rich.

His facilitating the creation and success of Tesla and Space X are both commendable achievements (to be shared with many others, for sure.)

Make no mistake, I am not one of the people who fawns over him or every little thing he has done, and critical about some of his ideas, like Hyper Loop. I don’t think he is a super genius or anything. And I very much disagree with the tweet and rant referenced in the article. YMMV.

HA! Good point.


The whole god damn system of putting profits before human lives IS immoral. :woman_shrugging:


I feel like Hank really nailed this one.



I wish we could get the Muskists to understand that, but we have to get past the cult’s programming.


Conversely, there’s no reason to be cut Musk any slack regarding his pathological personal or professional behavior just because the companies he’s led have accomplished some impressive things.


My Dad, plasma physicist, would say, “Plenty smart, but not too bright.”


Hella right ON, Mindysan33.


I’m curious how you’d respond to @orenwolf’s excellent post above?