What was inside Timothy Leary's stash box?

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There is nothing in my, uhh… what’s a stash box?


That’s trippy as shit.
Because do you know why?
Because it’s not a box!


I was told that the NO2 in those was not manufactured clean enough for human inhalation. Or maybe it was just a bullshit rumor, but “safe for combustion in engines” seems a long way off from “healthy for human lungs,” as far as manufacturing a chemical cheaply. But even if true it probably only gets truly dangerous when regularly imbibed over a long time span. Anyone have any info on this?

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Good place to get some thinking done.

I don’t know if auto-supply nitrous is any different, but I know that during the time Tim Leary was alive (I know because I saw him on tour debating with G. Gordon Liddy in the mid 80’s) it was not really difficult to call a gas supply house and get a big ol’ tank of medical grade nitrous, a hose, and a balloon regulator. My college sys admin had one in his living room. It was used well, if wholly unwisely.


Supposedly there are some possible trace elements from the manufacturing that aren’t so wonderful, but - based on the extensive testing of my, uh friend, um, so far so good. A bit of gauze over the valve outlet might catch some of those oils, or so I’ve been told. Just makes it harder to fill balloons and there is a bit of wastage (see what I did there?)




Before I click “Show Full Post” I’m gonna guess: drugs.


Wow, I was wrong!

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