What will the news be on November 9?


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I don’t understand how both of those things coughed up by the ansible could be legitimate… Unless the arrival of the first one caused the future to change enough that the second could appear.

In which case… what has the arrival of this ansible transmission done to the timeline?


My friends on that side of the red/blue line don’t think it’ll go that far. He’ll see the reality during the run-in to the general as his numbers continue to plummet and, just like a child “taking [his] ball and going home” when things aren’t assured to go his way, he’ll walk away from the entire thing rather than even risk being a “loser” (cit - D. Trump) by enduring the actual election. Then the GOP will have to scramble for a replacement and the belief is that Cruz’s obstinate refusal to endorse him will make him the shoe-in for backup.


The last of his seven campaign managers, a ham and cucumber sandwich

Ham Rove lives!

(The unorthodox combination of ham and cucumber merely reflects the strangeness of our current political reality.)




First “on topic” use - for @Mindysan33 && @ActionAbe


Either president elected. Riots ensue.



Bunsen Honeydew! Separated at birth, assuredly…


Bunsen Honeybaked?


Trump will declare himself leader of Munich?

Fall of the Mexican Wall?


Who can forget the y2k?


Wait, I know the answer!

“Thousands of US citizens try to emigrate to Canada… Canada’s had about enough of our shit and builds a wall…”



I have been telling people for months “there is no way Trump can win the general election”, and when you consider he has always trailed Hillary in the polls (similar to how Romney always trailed Obama), and he is scaring away less idiotic conservatives in large numbers, it seems a pretty solid assumption.

But then I think “November is still months away, anything could happen.”

Certainly this election is unlike any my lifetime, or even my parent’s lifetimes.


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