"Whatever" tops list of annoying words


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I find all of these useful. I suppose I’m annoying.


I don’t use “whatever” but I do see it’s value for deeming something not worthy of a fuss and to switch your trajectory to the future unhindered. Almost zen-like. I almost feel that it is disliked by people anal-rententive knee-jerk reaction types that really need their identity to be defined by whatever they are being anal about the the moment.


No offense, but it’s literally fake news. Whatever, you know what I mean.


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“No offense, but…” is a very useful tell by which to identify racists, misogynists and other assholes. One may literally stop listening to anything after that phrase.

Speaking of which, I will literally kill the next half-wit pedant who decries the use of literally as a figurative intensifier.


Whatever is such a ■■■■■ word.


People who start a sentence with the word “so” drive me a little nuts.


… and, we’re done.

It is. Almost squishy sounding.


Whatever! No offense, but ya know, right, that the word is literally, like 22 years old, if you know what I mean. I can’t even!


Whereas, as a British person, I start many sentences with “Right,” and like many of my compatriots am unable to leave the room without saying it first, often accompanied by the light slap of hand on thigh.
Seriously, you could use it like a nationality test…


No offense, but you’re completely correct. “No offense, but” seems to be up there with phrases like, “I’m not racist, but” and similar. It seems to be a foolproof indicator that they’re about so say something offensive/racist, but lack a certain degree of self-awareness. On some level they understand perfectly well it’s offensive/racist, because they’re hoping their caveat will render it not offensive/racist or somehow deflect the ire they’ll get for it, but on the other hand, they think the caveat actually has some effect besides draw attention to how offensive/racist they are.
They’re great to re-purpose for comical effect just by following them with statements that aren’t offensive/racist. “No offense, but that’s a great jacket you’re wearing.” “I’m not racist, but I love chocolate cake.”


“Whatever” found to be the most annoying word by people who refuse to listen to good evidence and who continue to spout the same nonsense after having been shown the lack of merit of their argument.


I can solve part of the problem. Here’s a new word: “everwhat.” I leave it up to the BBhivemind to come up with a useful definition. And by “useful” I mean “completely pointless.”


I suppose someone should post this . . .



‘Literally’ is fine as long as it means ‘literally’ and isn’t just being used as a filler word or erroneous intensifier.