What's going on at Buckingham Palace...?


‘Urgent’ meeting called by the Queen and staff…announcement to come at 8am local time.
Did anyone put HRH on their deadpool list…?

(Too soon?)


It’s just this:

False alarm for everyone who read the London Bridge story last month.


He’s retiring. That’s it. A 3am emergency meeting and a 7-hour media blackout for THAT?! I think the Queen just trolled the Internet. That said, the complete lack of leaks was pretty damn impressive…


I have to say, he’s one of the most active and best-looking 95-year-olds I’ve ever seen.


A lifetime of never having to do real work might have something to do with that.


Eh, I’ve seen banister types who arguably haven’t done a damn lick of work who look way worse…


In guy his age? I agree.




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