What's on your coat of arms?


So I’m in the process of designing a coat or arms for my family. The hardest part has been deciding on a motto.

What would be your family and/or personal motto? The only rule is try to keep it to something brief enough to fit on a coat of arms.

College of Arms issues rules for managing coats of arms in same-sex marriages

The World Is Subtle. :laughing:

My actual family motto is something akin to “It is a good day to die.” Getting more specific would be telling. :sweat:



Hic Beati Esse - Happy to be here.


My 12-grade academic decathlon team used Nulla victoria sine animus, and I still kinda like that one.

In my darker hours, I’ve been tempted to emblazon Per aspera ad Barstow onto the back of my old pickup.


Why Barstow?


Well, there are no good roads to Barstow, yet several promising ones lead away from it.


My family’s coat of arms is a gold klongat below three stars on a green background. My family’s motto is Qapla’ reH!

The coat of arms that I use here is the coat of arms of my character in a tabletop RPG. The number five and the colours red and white are sacred to that character’s god, and the creature is a dracofelas - basically, a sabre-toothed tiger. That character’s motto translates to “The right path is rarely travelled.”


Since I’m in a Galavant mood today…


I know, I know. But:

honi soit qui mal y pense



Let the abyss come and destroy the tyranny of hope.

(with regards to Clive obviously)


you’re a regular. the motto ought to be “nunc est bibendum”

ah, never mind.


Maxime innocuus.


My actual clan motto is one of those fighty-killy ones (doesn’t narrow the field much when it comes to clan mottoes), which doesn’t really work for a deracinated liberal. I’d go for “It’s more complicated than that” in Scottish gaelic. Google translate gives:



Or this-

est ad tempus statum perfectionis

Which I rather like.


Coitus non circum


But in all seriousness it is nunquam non paratus.


I just looked up the actual coat of arms for my family - there’s some variety in the interpretations, but the common theme appears to be a sweet armored pimp hat


Pimp hats unite!


if it looks like a helmet for a frog - is it still pimpy?

(hmm. a moon and an arrow. maybe not frog but alien?)


That is a surreal coat of arms :smiley:


Surreal in the, “I wish that was mine…” sorta way. Maybe I should design a new coat of arms.