When metal rocker Ronnie James Dio was a doo-wop artist


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Can I blame The Guardian for this?


And let’s not forget one of my favorite Ronnie James Dio songs!


There’s also Dio’s appearance in the Pick of Destiny movie. I miss Dio ]:



No, but only because this happened with Tupac first. Like any good punk, you just should blame the recording industry! :wink:


I’ll stick with my first idea


I miss Ronnie James Dio. I saw an interesting interview with him years ago where he was asked what inspired him to write. His answer…baseball. That was the last thing I expected to hear. He said watching baseball relaxed him and put him in a creative frame of mind.


That just makes me love the Heavy Metal Goblin more!



Him and Alice Cooper both.


What the hell is that ridiculous pose they’re doing in the photo? One guy is seated with a goofy grin, the others are. . . hunched over pretending to be seated?


The guy on the left is Ronald Padovana aka Ronnie James Dio - He had that trademark smirk till the day he died, instantly identifies him (though you can also find him looking serious).

As to what the other guys are doing… That’s as wacky as a crooner band gets in 1963, I guess?


Me too, I’m good for about 3 innings, then it’s ‘jesus christ this is taking forever, even golfers move more than this’ and my mind wanders, often creatively.


cough cough billy joel metal > milly joel pop


A whole 3 innings!?!? I can’t even watch one all the way through.


Itzhak Perlman famously said he used to practice violin while watching baseball, and cricket when he was in the UK (which was even better because the games were longer and slower). Of course that’s just practicing, e.g. scales and technique, not necessarily being creative.

I always got a kick out of his band being called “Elf”, and remembered this photo where he looks taller than the other members of Sabbath. . . until you realize he is standing on a short wall (or step) that they are all behind.

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