Made-up baseball games to put you to sleep

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[Reagan] moved to Des Moines and was hired as a sports announcer for WHO after an audition where he described an imaginary football game. Later in his WHO career, he “announced” Chicago Cubs baseball games in the Des Moines studio by reading a pitch-by-pitch account off the wire as if he were actually at the game. He was so skillful that some listeners believed he actually was at the game!

And during one game the wire went down for a while, so he just made up a game for as long as the outage lasted, carefully keeping the score at a tie. Possibly the best bullshitter of his generation.


I hope some of the player names include “Who”, “What”, “Why” and of course “I Don’t Know” (third base!)

I’m going to try listening to this when I go to bed tonight. There’s another podcast good for sleeping called I Can’t Sleep. They have episodes on such exciting topics as stainless steel, Worcestershire (the town, not the sauce), and rice. It’s been effective at knocking me out in under 15 minutes every time I’ve tried listening so far.


I think I heard about this on the late, lamented Futility Closet podcast! A great story.


I absolutely love old radio dramas and modern podcasts, and seeing baseball live and on TV, but unlike my father I never could listen to a whole ball game on the radio. This does look like a fun project though, and a great way to fall asleep!

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Like The Shadow?

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Seems like a good use of ai to produce made-up baseball games, or made-up golf commentary, or regattas, or fox hunts, to put us to sleep….

Oh, yes! Though the radio Shadow was considerably different from the much more violent pulp novel version, which I think is much more fun. Other favorite old shows include Suspense, Escape, X Minus One, Dark Fantasy, Johnny Dollar, Gunsmoke, The Six-Shooter (starring James Stewart!), Voyage of the Scarlet Queen, The Great Gildersleeve, and of course the Jell-O Program Starring Jack Benny, one of the funniest shows ever. Here’s one of my favorites:


Yes, the radio and the pulp shadow where different to fit the medium, and the various comic renditions are usually a bit of a combo of the two.

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