When paparazzo tried to sell nude photo of Sia, she shut down his "business" in the best way


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Props for using the correct singular in the title. Paparazzi_-_La_dolce_vita


Talk about bottom feeders, the paparazzi really are scum but sadly they exist because a market exists for their efforts. Producer and consumer tie in worth for the Christ what an asshole award.


I know nothing of this singer of whom you speak, but that costume is spectacular!


I’ve known a few, And used to sell camera equipment to a lot. Many of your paparazzi are just photogs of other sorts backed into it to make ends meet. Often press pool guys and especially sports and wild life photogs who had bills to pay when print jobs market started to crash and happened to already own the equipment. It’s a side line for these guys, And they often aren’t very competitive because they don’t do shit like this.

Then there’s the dedicated/professional paparazzi. Fucking scum of the earth. A surprising number of the ones I used to sell to had really skeevy side lines like grissly photos of crime scenes. And more than a few got dinged for child porn.


You never heard the song Titanium? (She was the vocalist.)

It seemed like it was everywhere in 2012…


I am so not cool.


You haven’t heard or seen “Chandelier”? It seemed like it was playing every five minutes last year.


I wonder if this bottom feeder will try and sue for copyright infringement?


This song should be on everyone’s getting ready to go to the clubs playlist. :slight_smile:

…and lets not forget Sesame Street:


Oh hell yea! That Puddles the Clown song!

(That was Pris in the video, right?)


Now you know, and “knowing’s half the battle.”

All you need now is a metric fuckton of red & blue lasers, and you’re all set.


It’s actually the middleman. The Murdoch press, the Berlusconi press, you name it.


I suspect she’s made more money as a songwriter than a performer – she’s written hits for a lot of big names (e.g. Rihanna’s “Diamonds”). But she’s also been writing and performing for a pretty long time:


That really looks like a blackmail attempt…I hate those guys.


Oh yes, still can’t forget that Six Feet Under finale. The feelz…


I first got into her unique voice back when she was singing with Zero 7. It’s been fun watching her career take off.


I mean, if it seemed like it was everywhere it could also because it sounds like every EDM song ever.


Fair point.

Initially, I was only hip to it because of the shower scene in Pitch Perfect;

After that, a friend put me on to Zero7


Apparently she wrote for a ton of people for years and years, and did backup vocals before hitting it big herself.

As much as these are a bit cheesy, I still love Sia’s: