Whenever Trump plays in a shiny new truck, a Republican healthcare bill dies


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Well, that makes it simple. Shall we all club together to buy him a shedload of trucks to play with?

Can we stretch to four year’s worth?


The data set is far too small yet to tell whether its correllation or causality.

Still, definitively worth a try, keep the trucks on coming!


Q: What begins with “F” and ends with “U-C-K”?

A: Firetruck.



I think a sandbox with a bunch of Matchbox truck would be just fine.


Whenever Trump plays in a shiny new truck, a Republican healthcare bill dies

Looks like tRump is having fun at the expense of the TGOP.


‘Fat useless orange colluding idiot playing in a truck’?


And when Trump sits in the White House America dies.


Normally the phrase “childlike wonder” is a metaphor…far too literal in this case and the “child” has access to nuclear weapons.

But don’t stop watching the curtains in the background, someone is behind them… I really suspect someone is pulling his strings and actually running things while our attention is being diverted by the sad, pathetic clown gibbering and capering in front of us while our pockets are picked and our homes looted and our soldiers sent off to die in pointless wars with no real goals…


It’s a F-ump Tr-uck


I’ve learned not to give too much credit where it is both undue and likely to contribute to a messy spiritual bankruptcy.


You’ve just described the last 3 Republican Presidents. Bush used to talk about his supporter as “useful idiots” - he never stopped to think (which he couldn’t do anyway) who the party leaders thought fell into that category.


“I wanna sit in a big truck!”
“No Donny, not until you kill another healthcare bill”
“Fine! Call up McConnell. Toot! Toot!” -sniff sniff “Why doesn’t this make me thin anymore?”


That’s a good thing you did Mr Trump! A real good thing.


Can he drive? Does he have a licence?


Ladies and gentlemen, your President.


If you’re extra good, we’ll send you to truck driving school for summer vacation. How does that sound, Donny? Can you be extra good this year?

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