Where are you on this Twitter political compass?

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I don’t have a Twitter account.


Where are you on this Twitter political compass?

I’m the “no f’ing twitter fo me” that’s where I am.


Not being on Twitter (apparently like a lot of others here) and going into this with the understanding that…

…I’m probably “The Educator” on this BBS, also like a lot of others here.


I don’t see “the ghost.” I have a Twitter account but I’ve never posted nor followed anyone. (That’s just how I like to roll on social media mostly - I only have the accounts when they were required for access to something else.)


I’m part of the not on Twitter club.


i’m on twitter but i don’t fit into any of those categories or even in the spaces between those categories. in my opinion that compass showing the “entirety” is incomplete.


It’s not even a proper ‘compass.’


As with all ideological/behavioral maps or spectra, I am in the correct place. All by myself.

Unless it’s a situation where your puny human metrics cannot hope to capture even a faint reflection of my complexity. That happens a lot.


I don’t see the one for “only signed up for the federated login to other, better forums”.


I’m not a twit, so I don’t tweet. I will admit to having grabbed a couple of logins to prevent someone from claiming to be me, but have never actually posted anything.

so these pigeon-holing efforts are supposedly arranged to opposite poles (apparently “shitposting” is considered the opposite of “serious” …twitter posting [shrug]). i’d herein like to think that a third dimension would place Twitter and BoingBoing on opposite ends of a z-axis.

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No friends, huh?


Political compasses are best considered as a propaganda tool for the libertarian party. The first dimension is conventional wisdom, the second dimension reflects the claimed values of LP.

Do you want people to be organized along a left right axis, or along a line stretching from bottom left to top right? Is it preferable to be located in a corner, or in the center?

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Twitter (other than here) is the one place I am on. The main reason is that both reddit and facebook actively create places to harbor darkness, evil, and bigotry, through their subreddits or groups respectively, whereas Twitter just harbors dark evil people instead - who manage to (sometimes) get punted when they make enough noise.

No large community is anything but a cesspool - it’s something as a mod I think about a lot; what size would the BBS reach where we were no longer able to moderate it the way we do here - but at least twitter keeps individuals as individuals that action can be taken on, as opposed to creating either private or obscured communities for darkness to fester inside.

Did you actually waste time creating a post just to point out how not relevant the content of this story is to you personally? Because I’m pretty sure there’s a definition for folks who do that on the grid above.


So… go on down to the garden, and eat worms?


I’ve often had discussions with people who claim they are “centre left” or “left libertarian” because they’ve done a political compass test and that’s where they end up. I ask them who they voted <insert right wing, probably socially liberal but economically regressive party here> and I always reply: “that is the actual empirical evidence of where you stand politically. You’re right wing.”

Those self-reporting tests are worthless. It’s what you actuallydo that counts. Not how we regard ourselves.


I do use twitter a fair bit, but that was an abomination.

Was this the accumilation of the worst parts pasted together or something?

Twitter is okay if you be careful who you follow, this seems to be the meme of if you choose to follow the worst of the worst…

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i love twitter, but i’m not sure where i fit in on this chart. i’m not really fitting anywhere. i have a good circle of followers and people i follow, and we all seem to post funny and interesting stuff, and sometimes we get into discussions about them. not angry, not shitposts, just… banter.


More specifically, it’s the quiz questions that place you on the compass that are the propaganda tool. They’re all leading and loaded questions that ensure you end up where the Libertarians want you.